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Student Spotlight

Caitlyn Ng Man Chuen and Hannah Polinski


Bachelor of Arts - English (4th year)


Favourite/most influential class?
Hannah Polinski - My favourite class is ENG 306 Forms of Creative Writing
Caitlyn Ng - My favourite class is ENG 413 Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures

Favourite book?
HP - Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson.
CN - Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje.

What do you do in your writing club?
The writing club is something like a writer's circle. Each week we share a creative piece (usually around two pages) with the group, and take turns giving feedback and constructive criticism on the piece. The goal is to improve our writing and foster a positive writing environment at Ryerson. We're also trying to publish a zine by the end of the year!

What brought on the idea/what inspired you to create this group?
HP - I was on exchange in Paris last year and joined a writing circle at Shakespeare and Co, a famous English bookstore. I realized how important it was to have a community of writers to share your work with, so I wanted to create something similar at Ryerson.

How can those who are interested get in contact with you or check out the club?
If anyone wants to join us, they can look for "The Indie Ryeters" on Facebook!

Any beginner tips for incoming BA English students?
Connecting with your professors is a good idea. All of them are very helpful and want to see you succeed, so try to go to their office hours when you can.



Co-creators of the Indie Ryeters, a creative writing circle