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Student Spotlight

Kristina Pantalone


Bachelor of Arts - English (4th year)


What year are you in?
Fourth year.

What is your favourite course you’ve taken so far?
I really enjoyed the Online Publishing practicum course that I took in second year. The final project was a locative narrative for the purpose of situating Toronto in a modern context. It was called “Toronto of Now” and everyone was given full independence on subject matter and scope. I decided to create a personal narrative of my experience in Toronto using pieces of poetry and photography, song lyrics, and personal entries. It was very difficult but cathartic.

What are your plans for after graduation?
Undecided at this moment!

What is your favourite book?
The Sun also Rises
by Ernest Hemingway.

So you’re an Editor at The Continuist. For those who don’t know, what is it?
The Continuist is an online and print publication run by students within Ryerson’s Faculty of Arts. We accept online submissions year-round and send out a call for submissions every couple months, when we have regained the stamina (and funds) to print a publication. We dabble but deal primarily in zines.

Here is a link to the blog:

How long have you been with The Continuist? What does your role entail?
I submitted a piece to the blog when I was in first year and then contributed to the Natural Habitat print zine that fall. Last year, I got involved with The Continuist as a blog coordinator and helped with general editing and event coordinating. I am so excited to take on a greater leadership role within The Continuist in September. It is truly such an inclusive and necessary collective, fueled the students’ passion and creativity.

Prose or Poetry?
I enjoy reading both and I enjoy writing both, but lately, I have been sticking more to writing poetry. It’s easier, in some ways, to articulate myself without fear of not making immediate sense.

Any tips for someone who wants to submit something to The Continuist?
Don’t be afraid to put your work out there. Also, edit. There are no parameters, no submission guidelines for The Continuist; send anything and everything. We accept art, writing, music, mixed media, literally anything from anyone -not just people within the Ryerson community.

Submissions can be sent to:




Kristina talks about her writing and her involvement with The Continuist.