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Student Spotlight

Shane Liu


Bachelor of Arts - English (4th year)


Favourite book?

Slaughter House Five- Kurt Vonnegut

Favourite class/ professor with the biggest impact?

ENG706 Shakespeare with professor Rahul Sapra. It was the first class that really opened me up to English in Ryerson as he was very open about futures in English literature as well as what one can do in Ryerson to get into masters.

What was your winning project?

My winning project (Views from Another) was a video project where I had recorded first person walking tours of locations that were significant to me from the point of view of an international student. These locations helped me realize more about whom I was compared to that of just being an International student from Trinidad and Tobago. They were also some of the first locations I had seen in Toronto and thus were my first experiences to the cosmopolitan lifestyle in Toronto. The class was done by ENG306 with Professor Jason Boyd.

How has your writing changed since starting University?

My writing had always been very erratic in terms of its topic and structure, back in Secondary School in Trinidad I was one of the top writers in the class, but much of it was sort of spur of the moment articles or I was simply very inspired to write about. Ryerson had taught me a lot in terms of subject as well as essay structure though to be honest it took a while for me to get it. Secondary school had always taught me the whole hamburger method of writing for essays and coming here just to hear that I have to throw that all out took a while to recover from. But in the end I think the writing skills I’ve gained from Ryerson has given me some of the best communication skills possible, I am able to speak to others in a professional manner and I am able to argue effectively (I hope) for any point that I’d be interested in making.




Winner of the Literary Digital Media Award in 2016