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Positive Space Q&A

1. What are the objective of the campaign?

The Campaign for Positive Space is intended to help create a campus that is free of discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation. It is also aimed at engendering a widespread and visible committment to welcoming sexual diversity, making talk of diversity more open and less unusal. Often, efforts to do so have centred on criticism of policies, behavious and attitudes that marginalize. This campaign takeThe purpose of the working group is for a small group of people to undertake the mechanics of a particular task. Although decisions are made within each working group, the POSITIVE SPACE COMMITTEE as a whole first establishes the overarching areas of work and priorities that determine the tasks of each working group.

Community members are encouraged to participate in the POSITIVE SPACE COMMITTEE by joining a working group and assisting with the important work that the committee has agreed upon. The following is a brief summation on each of the current working groups of the POSITIVE SPACE Committee:


The purpose of this working group, through the guise of a community development model, is to raise the profile of the POSITIVE SPACE campaign and the committee. Working group members undertake tasks to build a diverse membership base, develop and create outreach materials like posters and stickers, survey community members about their needs and concerns in establishing a campaign for POSITIVE SPACE, and take on organizing community events that outreaching to members of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, Transgendered, transsexual, inter-sexed and queer communities and our allies at Ryerson.

MEETINGS: The working group meets on average every two to three weeks.
For more info on this working group contact: Positive Space

The title of this working group clearly reflects the areas that are undertaken – creating and establishing educational programs and developing a training series for students, staff and faculty. The working group has also undertaken initiatives to develop presentation proposals, seminars and workshops to be conducted at Ryerson University. If you are interested in developing a positive space community through education and action than this is the working group for you. The main goal of this working group is to revise, revamp and establish a new POSITIVE SPACE training module that would be implemented this coming FALL of 2004.

MEETINGS: The working group meets on average every two to three weeks.
For more info on this working group contact: Darrell Bowden,

This working group is an action-oriented group that seeks to respond to, address and raise issues about incidents of homophobia, heterosexism and equity as they occur or don't occur in the Ryerson community. Working group members have put energy into letter writing campaigns, providing input on community consultations, gaining media exposure for the campaign and generally work to ensure that homophobia and heterosexism does not go unchallenged. If you are seeking involvement in an activity that will raise a critical perspective and increase the spaces and voices of POSITIVE SPACE at Ryerson than you should get involved with this committee.

MEETINGS: The working group meets on average every two to three weeks or as incidents that require a response arise.
For more info on this working group contact:
Darrell Bowden,

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