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Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Services provides education and information through workshops that are scheduled throughout the year.
These human rights and equity workshop are always being added or canceled so do make sure to stop by this page often to learn of cancellations and other important notifications such as room changes.

To get started, please select from one of the choices in the tabs below. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR A SESSION MORE THAN ONCE. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the location of the workshop a few days before the session. If you can not attend the workshops due to conflicting schedules, please click here

Note: All of our workshops are BUS 100 approved

Click here to download the Workshop Brochure

If you are having difficulty registering for workshop, Please click Accessible Registration Form Here

NOTE: As this is our standard workshop calendar, we recognize that sometimes flexibility is required. Should the workshop dates listed above not fit your schedule, please contact us at or call us at 416-979-5349 as we may have already considered an alternative offering. Thank you.

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