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Entrepreneurial Practice Review

Publisher: Dr. Steven Gedeon
Managing Editor: Dr. Philip Walsh
Associate Editor: Yanina Chevtchouk

The Entrepreneurial Practice Review is a free, double-blind peer-reviewed journal designed to be read by entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to bring academic insights to practitioners in the real world. We draw our inspiration from the Harvard Business Review, but focus on entrepreneurship and small business.

We actively seek four kinds of contributions:

  • Significant article manuscripts, submitted to a rigorous double-blind peer-review process. We expect that many of these articles will come from academics who have published elsewhere and have modified their article for a practitioner audience. We expect a significant number to also come from entrepreneurs and service practitioners such as lawyers, accountants and consultants.
  • Blogs, mini-articles, and editorials from the user community. All registered users are able to contribute subject to daily web sheriff/admin approval.
  • Discussions on the Forums
  • Comments, votes and wiki-based modifications to the peer-reviewed articles

We are open to all submissions and contributions related to entrepreneurship and small business that highlight the practical value to entrepreneurs (e.g. individuals and corporate), resource providers (e.g. angel venture capital investors), and public policymakers.

EPR solicits contributions from entrepreneurship scholars and practitioners addressing topics that include:

  • Descriptions of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, enterprising individuals, and entrepreneurial thinking
  • The startup process, new venture creation, the company lifecycle, and small business
  • Best Practices, heuristics, expert scripts and principles for improving business performance and success
  • Case Studies
  • Issues specific to entrepreneurship such as innovation, opportunity spotting, marshalling resources, leadership, teamwork, and commercialization
  • Articles dealing with individual-business interaction issues such as legal issues, stress, family business, succession planning, and personal development.
  • Issues related to early-stage financing including angel capital, venture capital, and debt financing
  • Practical application of findings from other academic journals
  • Contextualizing or reinterpreting entrepreneurship theory to practical implementations


Editorial Advisory Board

• Alan Carsrud

• Spinder Dhaliwal

• Colin Jones

• Etienne St. Jean

• Dave Valliere

• Tan Wee-Liang

Guidelines for Authors

All submissions should clearly state their purpose including some statement of importance; why the paper was written and what it contributes to the body of knowledge with particular reference to its implication for practice.  Papers that include research methodologies should present reliable and valid conclusions pertinent to the methodology employed. The paper must be well-written, readable and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Submissions to EPR are made using the online submission and peer review system.  Registration and access are available at:

Choose a user name and a password and complete all fields and then click Submit.  You are now a registered author and you will be taken to your own Author Homepage. When you have accessed your Author Homepage you will be taken to your Active Submissions page where a list of your submissions can be found.  If you are submitting a paper for the first time, you can Start a New Submission by clicking on the link.  This will start a 5-step submission process.  Once you have completed the final confirmation step your submission will be recorded in the Active Submissions page.

The submission should be in Microsoft Word document file format, in single spacing and 12 point font size.  Figures and tables should be supplied within the article itself with good electronic copies of the figures and tables supplied as well.  Articles should be 3,000 to 6,000 words in length.  References to other publications must be in Harvard style and carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency.  All publications must be cited in the text i.e. (Smith 2008, Smith and Jones 2008, Smith et al 2008).

Entrepreneurial Practice Review