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Faculty Course Survey

Faculty Course Survey

General Information

Online Surveys

  • All RFA members (LTF, tenure stream and tenured members) participate in the online evaluation process.
  • All CUPE Unit 1 and CUPE Unit 2 contract lecturers are evaluated online only.
  • All Chang School courses are evaluated online only.

Paper-Based Surveys

  • All RFA pre-tenure members are required to participate in the paper-based in-class process in addition to the online process.
  • All non-probationary RFA members will have an option of participating in paper-based in-class surveys in addition to the online process.  They will be able to indicate that they wish to do paper-based surveys during external,course validation stage (in September or January of each term).

Online Survey

  • 14 University standard questions
  • Question 15:  This question forms part of all online and in-class surveys; however no member of the RFA shall be required to report the results of this question.  A member may choose to submit the results of question 15 and the optional items.
  • Optional course specific questions
  • Blank space for students to write their comments

Paper-Based Survey

  • 14 University standard questions (same as in online surveys)
  • Question 15 (same as in online surveys)

Note that optional course specific questions cannot be added to paper-based surveys. Also, paper-based surveys do not contain blank space for students' written comments.

The survey is to be used to obtain student opinion about teaching performance. It will consist of fourteen (14) University-standard items, as well as Question 15.  When delivered online, up to sixteen (16) additional (optional) items may be included at the discretion of the faculty member.  In the online delivery, students will also have the opportunity to provide written (qualitative) comments for the individual use of the professor.

The survey items are scored on the following 5 point scale, where 1 = agree and 5 = disagree.  There is also a "Does not apply / no opinion" category which is not assigned a score.

University Standard Questions

  1.   The instructor is knowledgeable about the course material.
  2.   The course material is presented with enthusiasm.
  3.   The instructor stimulates my interest in this subject.
  4.   Concepts are clearly explained with appropriate use of examples.
  5.   I get timely feedback on my assignments.
  6.   I get constructive feedback on my assignments.
  7.   The course handouts/postings contain all of the information I need about the organization and operation of this course.
  8.   The assessment methods, including tests, provide a fair evaluation of my learning.
  9.   Students are treated with fairness and respect.
  10. The class meets as scheduled and on time.
  11. The course is well organized and managed.
  12. The instructor is available for consultation as specified on the course handouts/postings.
  13. This course provides a valuable learning experience.
  14. The way this course is taught helps me to learn.

Question 15

Question 15 will form part of all online and in-class surveys, however no member of the RFA shall be required to report the results of this question.  Should a member choose to submit the results of their optional items, the results of this question will be included.

  1. Overall the faculty member was effective.

Optional Course Specific Questions

Instructors may choose up to sixteen (16) additional questions from the list below.  Note that headings are for organizational purposes only; instructors can choose any of the items, and the students completing the FCS do not see the headings listed. Clearly the focus of the survey is the main Instructor and not another individual such as a TA/GA who is being evaluated.

Suggested Items for Laboratory Courses
  1.   Procedures are clearly explained.
  2.   The instructor adapts to student abilities, interests and needs.
  3.   I feel free to ask for assistance and to ask questions.
  4.   The instructor accepts opinions different from his/her own.
  5.   I get useful feedback on my lab assignments.
  6.   Labs are well organized.
  7.   Labs assist me in learning the course material.
  8.   Lab assignments are interesting and stimulating.
  9.   Lab assignments stimulate independent thought.
  10. Labs are of a reasonable length and complexity.
  11. The lab helps me understand things I am learning in lecture.
Suggested Items for Discussion/Tutorials/Seminars
  1.   Discussions are managed so that they help me learn.
  2.   Discussions are well organized.
  3.   Discussions clarify the lecture material well.
  4.   Discussion in this course is stimulating.
  5.   The instructor raises challenging questions for discussion.
  6.   The instructor is skilful in developing classroom discussion.
  7.   I feel encouraged to participate in the discussions.
  8.   The amount of time dedicated to discussion is adequate.
  9.   This course encourages students to learn from one another.
Suggested Items for Clinical/Field Placements
  1.   Prior course work prepared me to handle clinical tasks.
  2.   I have responsibility commensurate with my abilities.
  3.   My instructor offers constructive criticism away from others.
  4.   My instructor identifies specific areas in which I need improvement.
  5.   My instructor helps me to improve my skills.
  6.   My instructor demonstrates the techniques I am expected to develop.
  7.   The amount of supervision is adequate.
  8.   I received adequate information on health and safety issues.
  9.   My field experience is well coordinated with my course work.
  10. I receive adequate supervision at the field site.
  11. University and field site personnel work well with each other.
Suggested Items for Performance and Studio Courses
  1.   I am exposed to a variety of performance/art techniques.
  2.   Performance/art projects are extremely valuable in understanding the course.
  3.   Performance/art projects are appropriate to the level of the course.
  4.   My instructor's demonstrations of techniques are clear and concise.
  5.   My instructor values my creativity and/or originality.
  6.   Evaluations of my performance/artistic products are constructive.
  7.   The instructor is sensitive to students when giving critiques.
  8.   My instructor is able to diagnose technical problems.
  9.   Performances provided me the opportunity to show my learning.
Suggested Items on Instructional Technology
  1.   The technology used in this course provides high quality instruction.
  2.   Instructional technology is well coordinated with course materials.
  3.   The instructor uses technology in ways that helped my learning of concepts and principles.
  4.   My instructor's use of new technology increases my overall learning in this course.
  5.   More uses of instructional technology would enhance learning in this course.
Suggested Items for Other Course Elements
  1.   Group work is used effectively in this course.
  2.   I am evaluated for my individual contribution to group work in this course.
  3.   Student presentations contribute significantly to this course.
  4.   Developing the term project is a good learning experience.
  5.   Guest speakers contribute significantly to this course.
  6.   Field trips offer insights that class materials do not.
  7.   Overall, I would rate the textbook/readings as excellent.
  8.   Team teaching provides insights a single instructor could not.
  9.   Instruction is well coordinated among the team teachers.

Facluty Course Survey results are available online via the link on external,

  • Whenever paper-based results are available, such results will be considered official.  If paper-based results are not available, online results should be considered official.
  • Only 14 University standard questions' results are automatically attached to the Annual Reports.  Instructors will be able to download any additional FCS report via the link on external, and attach it to the Annual Report manually.

The following reports are available for viewing/downloading in a PDF format via the Faculty Course Survey application

Report No. Online Survey Results Paper-Based Survey Results Who Can View
1 Results by Faculty Results by Faculty Everyone. Results are published on teaching@ryerson website
2 Results by Department in Each Faculty Results by Department in Each Faculty Everyone. Results are published on teaching@ryerson website
3 Results by Department and Course Results by Department and Course Vice-Provos, Faculty Affairs only
4 Results by Department, Course and Section Results by Department, Course and Section Vice-Provos, Faculty Affairs only
5 Instructor's Results by Course and Section (14 standard questions) Official results (if paper-based results are not available) Automatically attached to annual reports only if paper-based results are not available Instructor's Results by Course and Section (14 standard questions) Official Results Automatically attached to annual reports Instructor only. Available via external,
6 Response Frequency Distribution by Course and Section (14 standard questions) Response Frequency Distribution by Course and Section (14 standard questions) Instructor only. Available via external,
7* Question 15* plus Optional Questions (if chosen by Instructor) Question 15* Instructor only. Available via external,
8* Response Frequency Distribution by Course and Section (Question 15* plus Optional Course Specific Questions) Response Frequency Distribution by Course and Section (Question 15*) Instructor only. Available via external,
9 Written Comments N/A Instructor only. Available via external,
10 Online Survey Monitor N/A System administrator only

*Note that the results of Question 15. Overall the faculty member was effective always appear in the first line of the reports 7 and 10.

Send an email to or call 416-979-5000, ext. 4556 during regular office hours if you have questions or need help with the online FCS application.