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Class Roster

How to View and Download a Class Roster

From your Faculty Center, you can view a roster of students who are enrolled in your class for a specific term.

This Class Roster includes:

  • ID - the student's ID
  • Name - the student's name
  • Grade Basis - type of grade values for the class (alpha or pass/fail)
  • Units - the number of GPA Progress units
  • Program and Plan - student's primary academic program and plan
  • Level - the student's year of study

Once you view a Class Roster, it can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet where you can use it, save it and work with it to maintain mid-term grades, quiz results, attendance records, etc.

You can view and download a Class Roster from your Faculty Center.

Classes for which a Class Roster has been set up have to their left.

To View your Class Roster

  1. Click beside the Class Roster you want to view.

    For the selected Class and Term you see:

    • your class schedule – to view another class schedule, click the Change Class button and select another class
    • a roster of students enrolled in the class

    If you want to print the roster click the Printer Friendly Version link and then use your web browser to print it.

To Download your Class Roster

  1. Click on the Enrolled Students title bar.

    If this window does not display, this may be due to your internet options not being set correctly. See To Set My Internet Options for Download below for instructions on how to rectify this.

  2. Click    Open    .

    This is how the Class Roster appears in an Excel spreadsheet.

    At this point your data is not saved. You should now save the roster to your own directory with a unique name (using Save As).

    If you have problems with entering and posting grades, contact or call 2292.

To Set My Internet Options for Download

  1. Double-click at the bottom right of the page.

  2. Click .

  3. Scroll down to Downloads.
  4. Click Enable for Automatic prompting for file downloads.
  5. Click Enable for File download.
  6. Click .

You can now try your download again. It should work this time!