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Centre for Urban Energy

Empowering urban futures
through research and innovation

The Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) is a unique research and technology demonstration centre devoted to the discovery and commercialization of innovative, practical solutions to urban energy issues.

CUE brings together industries, government and top researchers from around the world to undertake collaborative, multi-disciplinary research on the issues of urban energy. Combining the perspectives of engineering, science, environment, business, social science, public policy, law and infrastructure management, CUE's researchers tackle the issues facing large cities today.

Since the Centre's creation in 2010, its researchers have enhanced smart grid communications, helped major energy providers reduce their  carbon footprints, developed models for net-zero homes that pay their owners, helped Toronto prepare for the electric car era, developed a system to harness, store and control wind power, and more.

The Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science is thrilled to house this groundbreaking research centre, and to support CUE's objective of developing innovative, next-generation solutions to keep cities powered now and for many years to come.

i-CUE: Canada's first urban energy-focused business incubator


"The energy industry needs entrepreneurs, but ones who know how to navigate this regulated sector. This is where i-CUE comes in."

- Dr. Dan McGillivray, Executive Director, CUE

Housed at the Centre for Urban Energy, i-CUE is focused on research innovation, business innovation and student innovation, all within the energy sector. Its goal is to help new energy companies turn their ideas into commerical products, services and technologies. Learn more about i-CUE