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We are accepting abstract submissions for the first FEAS Student Symposium, taking place on November 1st, 2017. Please encourage your students to apply to present and/or attend the symposium. The success of the event is dependent on full participation. We need your help to encourage your students to get involved. There are "lightening" (7 minutes) or "long" talks (17 minutes) and poster sessions with honoraria and prizes.

What is the FEAS Graduate Student Symposium?

The FEAS Student Symposium is the first annual student organized symposium for graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science to get together and share their research. We hope to start a tradition that can one day grow to a longer showcase of student work to industry, government and other institutions. The day will include keynote speakers, break-out sessions for student presentations, networking, workshops and social events all with meals provided.

What do the student get out of it?

Students will have to opportunity to network, break down silos between departments, and engage in social activities. We hope to develop collaboration and open up new avenues for engineering and architectural science research. Lastly, it's a good break from their own work to come out to share their accomplishments with their colleagues. It provides an opportunity for them to practice their presentation skills in a low risk setting.

Submission Details

  • 250 word abstract
  • TWO types of presentations available - please indicate which talk you'd like to apply for "lightening" (7 minutes) or "long" talk (17 minutes)
  • Speakers chosen for the lightening talk will receive a $100 honorarium
  • Speakers chosen for the long talk will receive a $200 honorarium
  • The evaluation will be based on:
    • Application/utility for real world (25%)
    • Relevance to the symposium theme (25%)
    • Innovation in the filed (20%)
    • Robustness of research method (15%)
    • Overall impact and cohesiveness of abstract (15%)
  • The evaluation committee will be the FEAS Ambassadors, which is comprised of a panel of your peers from each of the graduate programs within FEAS.

Submit abstract to by October 15.

PLEASE NOTE: You may present materials presented at previous conferences for this internal symposium.

To attend the symposium: 

Eventbrite - FEAS Graduate Student Symposium