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Contact: Carrol Scanlan, Insurance Officer, Ext. 6259

1. CURIE Program
• Property
• Liability
• Errors and Omissions

2. Commercial Coverages
• Automobile
• Non-Owned Auto
• Boiler and Machinery
• Crime
• Fine Arts
• Umbrella Liability

3. Certificates of Insurance

4. Liability Waivers

5. Contract/Agreement Review - Insurance Clauses

6. Reporting Lost/Stolen Property

7. Reporting On-Campus Injuries

8. Insurance Summary

CURIE (Canadian Universities Reciprocal Insurance Exchange) Program

This policy covers property of every description, anywhere in Canada and the United States, owned by the University or by others which the University has assumed responsibility for.

Certain types of property are excluded from this policy. Some examples would be motor vehicles, new buildings or structures during the course of construction, boilers and machinery, personal property of faculty, staff and students, currency, money, fine arts and biological materials.

Ryerson's Property Insurance Policy has a deductible of $50,000. Departments are responsible for the first $5,000 on each property loss occurrence.

This policy covers the legal liability and defense costs arising from bodily injury and property damage including premises and operations (accidents occurring the buildings or grounds or at activities related to the University), person injury, sports activities, professional malpractice, tenants legal liability (property damage to leased or rented premises), employers' liability (where Workers' Compensation is not applicable and punitive or exemplary damages.

Some standard liability exclusions apply, such as Workers' Compensation, use or operation of owned aircraft and licensed automobiles, war risks, employment practices, intellectual property rights, terrorism and human rights actions.

Ryerson's General Liability Policy has a deductible of $1,000.

Errors and Omissions Liability
As opposed to the general liability policy outlined above, the errors and omissions policy provides coverage for liability arising from "wrongful acts" (defined as any actual or alleged error or misstatement or misleading statement, or act or omission or neglect or break of duty of the Insured or any matter claimed against them solely by reason of their being or having been an Insured during the policy period).

Commercial Coverages

This policy covers all licensed vehicles owned or leased on a long-term basis by the University. The automobile policy covers all employees of the University, as well as others who are specifically given consent by the University to drive University-owned vehicles, while driving on University business. Employees names and drivers license numbers must be submitted to the Insurance Officer before driving any University owned vehicle.

Non Owned Automobile
This policy complements the standard automobile policy and covers claims for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the use of automobiles not owned by the University. This policy applies to short term rented vehicles, provided the University's name is on the agreement and is are being used for University business. This policy does not apply to vehicles owned by University employees.

Boiler and Machinery
This policy covers losses relating to sudden and accidental breakdown of all boilers, pressure vessels, mechanical and electrical machinery and apparatus including production machines, fibre optics, process computer controls, pressure, mechanical and electrical equipment on cranes, hoists, elevators, escalators and mobile equipment.

This policy covers theft of money or securities by employees or others.

Fine Arts
This policy covers the University's fine arts collection against physical loss or damage. The University's collection is itemized and provided to the insurance company as well as the location of each item every year prior to renewal.

Umbrella Liability
This policy provides increased limits over and above the limits provided by CURIE's General Liability policy, Educational Errors and Omissions liability and Automobile and Non-Owned Automobile policy.

Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is an indicator of adequate insurance coverage in force to protect the interests of Ryerson University and other parties by the University to non-university parties in connection with risks incurred by the University (i.e. student placement, students filming off campus, University approved social activities).

Requests for Certificates should be submitted, in writing, to the Insurance Officer, Philani Moyo,, with the following information:

1. Name and address of the certificate holder (party requesting coverage)
2. Contact name, phone number, e-mail address of certificate holder
3. Description of activity
4. Dates of activity
5. Insurance limits required (include Additional Insured coverage, if requested)

Liability Waivers

Waivers are required for most student run events and non-mandatory field trips. Each waiver is specifically designed for each individual activity. Please contact the Insurance Officer, Philani Moyo, at extension 553772 for assistance.

Contract/Agreement Reviews

Before contracts/agreements are signed a review of the insurance clauses should be undertaken to ensure that they do not impose and/or transfer a liability/responsibility to the University beyond what is reasonable. In most contacts insurance clauses will have some of the responsibility outlined. However, it is not unusual to find many other clauses and responsibilities sprinkled throughout these agreements. The entire document should be forwarded to the Insurance Officer, Carrol Scanlan, for review.

Reporting Stolen or Damaged University Property

Currently Ryerson's property insurance has a deductible of $50,000, each department is responsible for the first $5,000 in the event of a loss.

Contact Campus Security at ext. 5040 immediately. Security will forward a copy of their report to the Insurance Officer, Philani Moyo.
Contact Philani Moyo at 553772 with the following information:
date of loss
description of property (include as much information as possible, e.g. model numbers)
value of property

Reporting On-Campus Injury

Call Campus Security at ext. 5040 immediately. If it is an emergency dial 80 on internal phones. Security will administer first aid and, if necessary, Security will call 911 for an ambulance. Security will forward a copy of their report to the Insurance Officer, Carrol Scanlan.
Complete an Incident Report and forward to Integrated Risk Management. Information about on-campus injuries and the necessary forms that need to be completed can be found on IRM-Reporting and Accident Page.

Insurance Summary

Insurance Summary Presentation