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Financial Services

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Financial Services Policies and Procedures:

1. Accounts Receivable

2. Approval Authority Schedule Policy

3. Bank Accounts and Merchant Accounts

4. Business Travel 

5. Chargeback Policy

6. Collections Policy

7. Delegation of Finanical Signing Authority

8. Endowment Funds

9. Execution of Contracts Policy

10. Investments

11. Petty Cash Funds

12. Purchasing

13. Purchasing Card 

14. Travel Card

15. Reimbursement of Alcoholic Beverage Expenses

16. Reimbursement Policy for Business Meals, Travel and Expenses


Financial Services Guidelines:

1. Penny Guidelines


Departmental Policies for Financial Services

1. Department Standards
2. Financial Services Staff Handbook
3. Evacuation of University Buildings
4. Standards of Services
5. Supporting Attendance at Work Program - Guildelines for Employes
6. Professional Development & Training FAQ

For a full listing of all Ryerson University's Policies and Procedures click Here

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