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Resources on Belo Horizonte

Rocha, C. (2009) Healthy Food for All: The Healthy Food System in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Presentation for Earth Week at Wayne State University. April 21-22, 2009. Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Municipal Secretariat of Food Policy and Supply (SMAAB) (2008). The case of Belo Horizonte.

Roberts, W., Rocha, C. (2008). Belo Horizonte. Alternatives International Journal. 1(3).

Rocha, C. & Aranha, A. (2003). Urban Food Policies and Rural Sustainability: How the Municipal Government of Belo Horizonte, Brazil is Promoting Rural Sustainability. Toronto: Centre for Studies in Food Security, and Department of Nutrition, Ryerson University.

Rocha, C. (2001). Urban Food Security Policy: The Case of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Journal for the Study of Food and Society, 5(1), pp. 36-47.

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