Centre for Studies in Food Security

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Working Papers & Presentations

Branco, M. C. B. and Alcantara, F. A. (2011). Brazilian Bibliography on Urban and Periurban Gardens: 1996 to 2010. In conjunction with Embrapa and the Centre for Studies in Food Security, Ryerson University.

Branco, M.C. (2009, May). Urban agriculture in Brazil: what we know, what we should know. Toronto: Food for Talk Seminar Series, Ryerson University.

Donkersgoed, E. (2008, March). Locally grown food and near-urban agriculture: Challenges and opportunities. Toronto: Food for Talk Seminar Series, York University.

Rocha, C.  (2005, Dec).  Urban Agriculture in Brazil.  Toronto: Food for Talk Seminar Series, York University.

Yeudall, F., Sebastian, R., Lubowa, A., Ibrahim, S. & Cole, D.  (2005, Oct).  Urban Agriculture and Food and Nutrition Security in Kampala, Uganda.  Toronto: 4th International Conference on Urban Health.  Poster presentation.


Please note that the Working Papers and Presentations listed here contain preliminary research material and have not yet undergone a full peer review.  While they will eventually be published with similar and/or revised content, they are posted here primarily to stimulate discussion.

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