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Joe Nasr


Joe Nasr teaches courses on Urban Agriculture and Urban Food Security through the Centre’s Food Security Certificate.  He has mentored a number of architecture students working with food- and agriculture-related design.  Joe is affiliated with several urban agriculture organizations, including the Urban Agriculture Network, MetroAg, and Toronto Urban Growers.  He co-curated the traveling exhibition: Carrot City - Designing for Urban Agriculture, soon to be adapted into a book.  He coordinated in 2005-2007 a project on “Regional Training and Knowledge Sharing in Urban Agriculture for the Middle East and North Africa”.  The 1996 book he co-authored, Urban Agriculture: Food, Jobs and Sustainable Cities, has become the standard text on the subject.

Recent Publications:

Nasr, J., Komisar, J. & Gorgolewski, MT.  (2009).  Designing for Food and Agriculture: Recent Explorations at Ryerson University. Open House International, 34(2).

Nasr, J.  (2005).  L’émergence des réseaux d’agriculture urbaine hors de l’Europe.  Cahiers de la multifonctionalité, 8:165-172.

Nasr, J., & Padilla, M. (Eds.).  (2004).  Interfaces: Agricultures et villes à l’Est et au Sud de la Méditerranée.  Beirut: Editions Delta and IFPO.

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