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Cecilia Rocha


Cecilia (PhD in Economics) is the current Director of the School of Nutrition, Ryerson University, where she is an Associate Professor of Food Security and Food Policy. From 2004 to 2010, Dr. Rocha was the Director of the project Building Capacity in Food Security in Brazil, funded by the Canadian International Development Agency. Her work and publications on Belo Horizonte has brought international attention to that Brazilian city's innovative policies and programs for food security.

Cecilia is an Associate Researcher and past Director (2005-2010) of the Centre for Studies in Food Security, and Associate Researcher of the Centre for Global Health and Health Equity at Ryerson University. She has participated in research of food security conditions among immigrant populations in Toronto, and was an active member of the Toronto Food Policy Council from 2006 to 2011. Invited to be part of the Toronto Food Strategy Steering Group, she participated in the elaboration of the 2011 Toronto Food Strategy under the leadership of the city's Medical Officer of Health.

Recent Publications:

Vahabi, M., Damba, C., Rocha, C. and Montoya, E.C. (2011). Food insecurity among Latin American recent immigrants in Toronto. Journal of Immigrant Minority Health. 13(5). 

Rocha, C. (2009). Parceria Brasil-Canadá: Construindo Capacidades em SAN (Brazil-Canada Partnership: Building Capacities in Food Security). In Dubiela, A.K. and Kaminski, R. (Eds.) Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional: Teoria e Prática – A Experiência da Vida Brasil (Food and Nutrition Security:
Theory and Practice – The Experience of Vida Brasil
). Fortaleza: LCR.

Rocha, C. (2009). Developments in National Policies for Food and Nutrition Security in Brazil. Development Policy Review. 27(1): 51-66.

Lessa, I. & Rocha, C. (2009). Nourishing belonging: Food in the lives of new immigrants in TO, in C. Palassio & A. Wilcox (Eds.), The Edible City: Toronto's Food from Farm to Fork.  Toronto: Coach House Books.

Rocha, C. & Lessa, I. (2009). Urban governance for food security: The alternative food system in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  International Planning Studies. 14(4).

Rocha, C. (2009). Healthy Food for All: The Alternative Food System in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Presentation for Earth week at Wayne State University.  April 21-22, 2009. Detroit, MI, USA.

Rocha, C. (2009). Enhancing Engagement in Civil Society.  Presentation to the UN High level meeting on Food Security for all.  January 26-27, 2009.  Madrid, Spain.

Rocha, C. (2007). Food Insecurity as Market Failure: A Contribution from Economics. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition. 1(4): 5-22.


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