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Carmen Huber receiving the 2015 Environics Analytics Scholarship for Best Performance in Retail Geography 

Jennifer Mason receiving the 2015 Environics Analytics Exemplary Service and Community Award

Congratulations to Mary Grunstra and Adam McKay, the first recipients of the Master of Spatial Analysis Award of Distinction.

Edgar Baculi awarded the 2015 Alumni Award. 

Dr. Brian Ceh presented the first Environment and Urban Sustainability Entrance Award to Hayley-Chanel Johnson. Congratulations Hayley-Chanel!

Alex Miller presented the Esri Scholarship for Best Overall Performance in GIS to Seamus McDougall.

Erin Lum and Angeliki Papadopoulos with the Environics Analytics Entrance Scholarship

Bobby Le receiving the 2015 Environics Analytics Fourth Year Achievement Award 

Iegor Satyr with the 2015 Geomedia Inc. Scholarship in GIS and Retail Analysis 

Stephanie Stanov receiving the 2015 Environmental Leadership & Community Engagement Award

Nikolas McGlashan with the 2015 Outstanding Performance in Research Methods Award

Bianca Chiarenza with the 2015 Numeris Scholarship for Best Overall Performance in Research Methods 

Jacob Woeller with the Best Overall Performance in First Year in Environment and Urban Sustainability 

Heather Gordon winner of the 2015 Geographic Analysis Endowment Award 

Melissa Snable receiving the 2015 Environics Analytics Exemplary Service and Community Award

Kimia Afshar Pour with the Environics Analytics Third Year Achievement Award

Students in programs offered by the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies have a wide range of awards and scholarships available to them. Opportunities exist for both new and existing students to compete for awards based on academic and non-academic criteria. To learn more about the available awards, please review the links in the right margin. Each link will open in a new tab/window and take you to the appropriate web page.



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