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Google Apps at Ryerson University

Welcome to Google Apps at Ryerson University!

Moving to the cloud is easy! Let us guide you through your first days with Google Apps and beyond.


What is "Google Apps at Ryerson"?

Google Apps at Ryerson is a package of web applications that includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Docs, Contacts, and Mobile.

With Gmail you:

  • keep the same email address
  • get unlimited storage space (as of October 30, 2014)
  • enjoy advertising-free email

Students and faculty can choose to use Gmail instead of RMail (staff will be switched to Gmail). To opt-in, log on to and follow the pop-up directions. Please note that the popup directions will only pop up if you have not made a decision of either opting in or opting out yet. In case you have previously opted-out but want to opt-in now, please follow the procedure shown in our FAQ General page.

Students and faculty can continue to use RMail if they have any concerns about their email being hosted outside of Canada.  Either way they will still be able to use other Google applications including Calendar, Drive and Docs.

Getting Started with Google Apps


What Google Apps are not available?

All of the core apps, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Docs, Contacts, and Mobile, are included with Google Apps at Ryerson University. Google Groups were made available summer, 2014, and can be requested by faculty and staff.  Additional apps like Google Sites will become available later. Apps like Google+, Picasa, and Blogger that are not covered by Ryerson's agreement with Google may be made available in the future after a privacy and security evaluation. You can find more information about privacy and security here.

NOTE: Google Chat and Voice are great collaboration tools that we intended to provide to the University as part of Google Apps at Ryerson. While testing Google Apps we discovered that we could not provide an adequate level of privacy by default in Google Chat. As a result Google Chat, and therefore Google Voice, are not currently available as part of Google Apps at Ryerson. More...


Ryerson is Live with Google Apps

Ryerson went live with Google Apps on October 9, 2012. Everyone with an active account at Ryerson now has access to Google Apps at Ryerson including Google Calendar and Google Drive. From Friday, October 5 through Sunday, October 7 we created 138,830 new Google Apps at Ryerson accounts and moved 19,266 people’s email to their Ryerson Gmail account.

Students and Faculty who did not provide an opt-in preference prior to the ‘Go-Live’ date can still opt into Gmail by clicking the "I want Ryerson Gmail" button on the prompt that is displayed when you log into Students and Faculty who chose not to opt-in prior to the ‘Go-Live’ date can still opt-in to use Gmail by completing the following:

  1. Log in to the my.ryerson portal with your my.ryerson user name and password.
  2. Under the 'Self Service' module, click on Personal Account.
  1. Under 'Preferences' section, click on Opt Into Ryerson Gmail.

When you opt-in, you will immediately be switched from RMail to Gmail. All new email will go to your Gmail account. Migration of your old emails will start no later than 10 PM the same day. Google only allows us to copy one email message per second per person. It will take longer for us to copy your mail if you have a very large number of email messages.


Getting Help

  • Email:
  • Phone: 416-979-5000 Students: ext. 6840, Facutly & Staff: ext. 6806



For information about Google and Accessibility, visit More information on Ryerson's accessibility initiatives will be available soon.


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