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Finding a Supervisor

With nearly 900 affiliated and adjunct graduate teaching faculty, you can find the right supervisor at Ryerson

In some graduate programs a supervisor is assigned to you at (or soon after) the start of the program. In other programs a faculty advisor is assigned until the topic of research is identified. In most programs however, it is your responsibility to find a faculty member who agrees to supervise your graduate research work; a process that often takes place prior to an offer of admission being made.

Tips for finding a prospective supervisor

The selection of a supervisor is a critical decision that impacts the quality of your graduate experience and influences your career path. We advise students to obtain information about potential supervisors and the environment in which they will be working. Consider the following tips:

Academic competence is of course important, but the supervisor must also be willing to provide advice, guidance, and mentorship.

A healthy student-supervisor relationship is one in which there is open and effective communication and expectations are clearly laid out.
Check out program websites in detail for profiles of faculty members and descriptions of ongoing research and research facilities.

If you will be working in a laboratory setting or as a member of a research team, speak with current students in that environment about their experiences and interactions with a particular supervisor.

It is important that whenever possible, to meet with your potential supervisor to determine compatibility. Take that opportunity to discuss issues such as expectations, research project support, identifying a thesis topic and scope, student funding, and strategies to ensure timely completion and quality work.