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Pawel Pralat, Mathematics

Dr. Pawel Pralat, PhD, M.A.Sc., M.Eng., M.Sc

Big data is a big deal for Pawel Pralat.

The Mathematics professor has more than 60 collaborators around the world and works with industry partners, including Facebook, Blackberry, Microsoft and The Globe and Mail. He’s a strong proponent for innovation and the need to build bridges between his multi-disciplinary team of mathematicians, computer scientists, social scientists and engineers, and the budding entrepreneurs at Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone.

“The world we live in is completely networked,” says Prof. Pralat.

“There is an urgent, and increasing, need for skilled people who understand analytics and who are trained to use it to solve complex problems.”

It’s not just that big data is a way for him to understand various types of networks, including networks of people, telecommunications networks, health and disease networks, even power grids. It’s that, increasingly, analytics and big data can provide all of us with important insight into how society, commerce and culture function as interconnected structures.

“There’s a bright future ahead for experts working in this field, and if we can prepare more graduates for these types of jobs, then we’ll put Ryerson, and Canada, on the map in the world of big data.”

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Photo credit: Mark Blinch