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Below are a list of both full-time faculty and part-time instructors.

Core Faculty

Core faculty teach courses as well as supervise students' theses and major research projects (MRPs).

Other Ryerson Faculty

The following Ryerson faculty do not teach courses within the Building Science program but are able to supervise students.

Alan Fung

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Areas of Specialization

  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Energy Systems
  • Building HVAC Systems
  • Alternative/Renewable Energy
  • Green/Solar/Net-zero Energy Building
  • Building Control
  • Building Simulation
  • Sustainable Energy/Technology Evaluation
Colin Searcy

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Areas of Specialization

  • Corporate sustainability
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Environmental management systems
  • Integrated management systems
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Corporate performance measurement
  • Life cycle assessment


Part-time Instructors

Part-time instructors will teach courses within the Building Science Department on a semester by semester basis but are not able to supervise students.

David De Rose

Courses Frequently Taught

  • BL8215 - Building Envelope Restoration
Rick Wai Ki Wu

Courses Frequently Taught

  • BL8204 - Building Performance Simulation
Caroline Hachem

Courses Frequently Taught

  • BL8204 - Building Performance Simulation
Ian Sinclair

P.Eng., MEng&Man

Areas of Specialization

  • Energy management
  • Renewable energy
  • Water conservation


Courses Frequently Taught

  • BL8212 - Renewable Energy Systems in Buildings


Ian Sinclair combines a career in industry and academia. He has worked in the energy and water management fields since immigrating to Canada from the UK in 1997, focusing on the built environment. He has worked in a full range of building types: industrial to commercial, campus-wide to multi-residential, in a wide range of service types. These have included energy and water audits, building retrofits, sustainability and energy consulting for new construction, recommissioning, renewable energy implementation, measurement and verification, green certification, engineering and project management.

He has worked in a variety of environments and jurisdictions. A small example of clients would include Parks Canada in Banff, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation including the downtown Toronto Broadcasting Centre, University of Guelph, Government of Beijing, Oxford Properties, Scotiabank, York District School Board.

Specific projects include CANSIA’s solar thermal project of the year at the Hospital for Sick Children (2007), and a Consulting Engineers of Ontario award for the Wawakapewin First Nation off grid solar PV retrofit and diesel generation efficiency upgrade project (2012).

Ian has developed and taught courses in a variety of energy and sustainability fields to under-graduate, post-graduate and professional development students at the University of Toronto, Humber College and Ryerson University.