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The Yeates School of Graduate Studies is the administrative site for graduate programs at Ryerson. The vice-provost and dean and staff are pleased to provide assistance to applicants, students and faculty. YSGS is located at 1 Dundas St. West, 11th floor and is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, or by appointment.

For Admissions inquiries, please email or call 416-979-5150.


Dr. Jennifer Mactavish
Vice-Provost and Dean, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
Office: YDI-1119

Dr. Anthony Bonato
Associate Dean, Students and Programs
Office: YDI-1117

Terry McAfee
Director, Business Administration
Office: YDI-1112

Mary Neelands
Manager, Program Administration
Office: YDI-1122

Rachquel Thompson
Administrative Coordinator
Office: YDI-1118

Rachel Trozzolo
Strategic Initiatives and Policy Advisor
Office: YDI-1120

Farheen Rashid
Graduate Programs Officer
Office: YDI-1114

Leslie Mutic
Student Engagement Officer
Office: YDI-1115

Gino Guercio
Graduate Funding Assistant
Office: YDI-1116

Natasha Mills
Scholarship Liaison Officer
Office: YDI-1109A

Andy Lee
Communications and Marketing Officer
Office: YDI-1121

Shirley Lee

Data Analyst
Office: YDI-1113

To contact any of the admissions staff listed below:
Phone: 416-979-5150
In person: YDI-1102


Lillian Zereneh
Manager, Admissions

Zareen Bukhari
Admissions Officer

Lavern Glenn
Admissions Officer

Aina Arro
Admissions Officer

Roel Reyes
Admissions Officer

Salwa Saeed
Admissions Officer

Jenny Shyu
Systems Support Specialist

Shayna Slonim
Customer Service Representative

Program administrators provide overall support to ensure the efficient delivery of graduate programs. Their responsibilities include: monitoring student progress and evaluating graduation eligibility; coordinating admissions activities, thesis and dissertation defences, and student funding (scholarships, awards, assistantships and stipends); and overseeing program communications.

Aerospace Engineering
Leah Rogan
416-979-5000 x2790

Mimi Lam
416-979-5000 x2657

Biomedical Engineering
Dahlia Younan
416-979-5000 x7790

Biomedical Physics
Sophia Finos
416-979-5000 x4640

Building Science
Mimi Lam
416-979-5000 x2684

Chemical Engineering
Dahlia Younan
416-979-5000 x7790

Child and Youth Care
Amber Rebello
416-979-5000 x2288


Civil Engineering
Rachel Peluso
416-979-5000 x7782

Communication and Culture

Jo Ann Mackie
416-979-5000 x4837

Computer Networks
Ting Hong
416-979-5000 x7218

Computer Science
Norm Pinder
416-979-5000 x2656

Criminology and Social Justice
416-979-5000 x

Data Science and Analytics

Igor Rosic
416-979-5000 x3693

Digital media
Pheobe Crompton
416-979-5000 x2858

Documentary Media
Alison Macleod
416-979-5000 x2763

Early Childhood Studies
Milene Ferreira
416-979-5000 x4953

Cherilyn Siy
416-979-5000 x7856

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dawn Wright
416-979-5000 x7841

Environmental Applied Science and Management
Elias Chu
416-979-5000 x7777

Mauro Chiera
416-979-5000 x7608

Film Photographic Preservation and Collections Management
Alison MacLeod
416-979-5000 x4839

Immigration and Settlement Studies
Igor Rosic
416-979-5000 x4836

International Economics and Finance
Cherilyn Siy
416-979-5000 x7856

Tonisha McMeekin
416-979-5000 x2783

Literatures of Modernity
Lisa Benadiba
416-979-5000 x2098

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Management of Technology and Innovation (MBA/MMSc) and Master of Science in Management (MScM)
Gloria Fernandes

Master Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MEIE)
Leah Rogan
416-979-5000 x7733

Luisa Chan
416-979-5000 x4867

Mechanical Engineering
416-979-5000 x7840

Media Production
Tonisha McMeekin
416-979-5000 x2785

Molecular Science
Sarah Kovacs
416-979-5000 x2664

Gerry Warner
416-979-5000 x7852

Nutrition Communication
Amber Rebello
416-979-5000 x2761

Malu Maia
416-979-5000 x 2711

Policy Studies
Mary-Beth Kraay
416-979-5000 x4955

Professional Communication
Mauro Chiera
416-979-5000 x7608

Alicia VanDeWeghe
416-979-5000 x2178

Public Policy and Administration
Mary-Beth Kraay
416-979-5000 x7855

Social Work
Milene Ferreira
416-979-5000 x2762

Spatial Analysis

Lisa Benadiba
416-979-5000 x7440

Urban Development
Julia Macan
416-979-5000 x2099

Program directors ensure program delivery of the highest standard by providing a critical link between YSGS, the program and the home faculty. They work with chairs to identify qualified faculty to teach and supervise, arrange graduate course schedules, coordinate student recruitment and admissions, oversee thesis defences, student records and funding allocations, monitor student financial support and uphold advisory mechanisms that promote the academic development of students.

Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Jeffrey Yokota
PhD, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University
Research areas: aerodynamics, propulsion and mathematical fluid dynamics

Dr. John Cirka
Research areas: digital design, geometry, fabrication, form

Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Stephen Waldman
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Dalhousie University
Research areas: in-vitro development of functional soft connective tissue, mechanical stimulation of cells and mechanical conditioning of the developed tissue, perfusion bioreactors for tissue engineering, influence of nutrient delivery and supply on tissue formation

Biomedical Physics
Dr. Carl Kumaradas
PhD, Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto
Research areas: medical physics, thermal therapy, nanotechnology, bio-photonics, computational modelling

Building Science
Dr. Russell Richman
PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Toronto
Research areas: innovative envelope systems and economic analysis addressing the existing energy inefficient Canadian building stock

Chemical Engineering
Dr. Farhad Ein-Mozzaffari
PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia
Research areas: mixing of fluids with complex rheology, flow visualization, computational fluid mixing, non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, dynamic modelling and identification

Child and Youth Care
Dr. Jennifer Martin
Research Areas:child sex tourism; child trafficking; sexual exploitation of undocumented minors

Civil Engineering
Dr. Songnian Li
PhD, Geomatics and Geodesy, University of New Brunswick
Research Areas: Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), as well as their applications in such areas as transportation, environment, urban development, earth surface and under surface modelling, and disaster management

Communication and Culture
Dr. Paul Moore
PhD, Sociology, York University
Research areas: media history, urban studies, mass society and the mass market, newspapers, film exhibition

Computer Networks
Dr. Bobby Ma
PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo
Research areas: network protocols, software-defined networking

Computer Science
Dr. Kosta Derpanis
PhD, Computer Science, York University
Research areas: computer vision, human and computer interaction

Data Science and Analytics
Dr. Ayse Bener
PhD, Information Systems, London School of Economics
Research areas: Big Data in the domains of: software analytics, health sciences, green analytics

Digital Media
Dr. Alex Ferworn
PhD, Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo
Research areas: computational public safety in relation to Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear explosive (CBRNE) response, disaster management technology, mobile robotic systems, algorithms

Documentary Media
Katy McCormick
MFA, Fine Arts, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago
Research areas: commemorative sites, narratives and social histories of landscapes

Early Childhood Studies

Dr. Rachel Berman
PhD, University of Guelph
Research areas:methods of inquiry and equity

Economics (PhD)/ International Economics and Finance
Dr. Halis Yildiz
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University
Research Areas: international trade, industrial organization, economic development

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Amirnazer Yazdani
PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto
Research areas: modelling and control of high-power electronic converter systems, application of power electronics in power systems, grid integration of electronically-interfaced distributed generation and energy storage systems, microgrids and active distribution systems, and renewable energy systems

Environmental Applied Science and Management
Dr. Cory Searcy
PhD, University of Alberta
Research areas: corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility, environmental management systems, integrated management systems

Alison Matthews David
PhD, Art History, University of Stanford
Research areas: the intersections between medical and dress history

Film and Photography Preservation and Collections Management
Marta Braun
MA, Media Studies, SUNY, Buffalo
Research areas: late nineteenth century motion photography

Immigration and Settlement Studies
Dr. Harald Bauder
PhD, Geography, Wilfred Laurier University
Research areas: Migrant Labour; Immigration Policies and Discourses; Ethnic Economies (esp. Toronto's Little India); Borders; Critical Geographies; Canada; Germany

Bill Reynolds
MA, Philosophy, University of Waterloo
Research area: literary journalism

Literatures of Modernity
Dr. Sophie Thomas
PhD, Oxford University
Research areas: crosscurrents between visual culture and literary texts in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and the impact of new visual media on the literary and historical imagination.

Master of Business Administration and MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation
Dr. Chris MacDonald
PhD, Philosophy
Research areas: business ethics, conflict of interest, corporate social responsibility, professional ethics

Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MEIE)
Dr. Yaser Dahman
PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Western Ontario
Research areas: biosynthesis and testing of nanomaterials for biotechnology and biomedical applications, bioseparations, and primary recovery of high-value biopolymers using nanofibres affinity membranes, design of airlift bioreators for biosythesis and bioseperation purposes

Master of Science in Management (MScM)
Dr. Yuanshun Li
PhD, Finance, University of Calgary
Research areas: real option investment decisions, mergers and acquisitions, structured financial products, pension fund management

Dr. Silvana Ilie
PhD, Applied Mathematics, Western University
Research areas:Computational biology, development and analysis of simulation methods for biochemical systems, numerical methods, analysis and computation

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Dr. Ahmad Ghasempoor
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Queen’s University
Research areas: intelligent manufacturing systems, tool-wear monitoring systems, optimization of machining processes

Media Production
Dr. Laurie Petrou
Research areas: breaking gender conventions among children

Molecular Science
Dr. Debora Foster
PhD, University of Toronto
Research areas: Host-pathogen interactions with particular emphasis on the molecular basis of pathogenesis and the impact of environmental stress on pathogen virulence; pathogenesis of diarrheagenic Escherichia coli

Dr. Suzanne Fredricks
PhD, Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto
Research areas: designing and evaluating interventions to support patients undergoing invasive surgical procedures

Nutrition Communication
Dr. Judy Paisley RD
Research areas: impact of dietary change on the shared eating experiences of people who cohabit

Dr. Glenn Parsons
PhD, Philosophy, University of Alberta
Research areas: aesthetics, metaphysics, epistemology and the philosophy of science

Policy Studies
Dr. Tuna Baskoy
PhD, Political Science, York University
Research areas: e-government, market competition and governance in post-Keynesian economics, ICTs and policy capacity, European integration

Professional Communication
Dr. John Shiga
PhD, Communication, Carleton University
Research areas: communication and media in intercultural political and scientific contexts

Dr. Julia Spaniol
PhD, University of North Carolina
Research areas: cognitive aging, memory and decision making, motivation and reward

Public Policy and Administration
Dr. Duncan MacLellan
PhD, Educational Administration, University of Toronto
Research areas: local and provincial educational politics and policy making, state and teacher relations, local and urban governance issues

Social Work
Dr. Jennifer Poole
PhD, Public Health, University of Toronto
Research areas: madness, ‘health’, and ‘mental health’, taking up philosophical, practice and policy concerns.

Spatial Analysis
Dr. Lu Wang
PhD, Economic Geography, York University
Research areas: GIS and consumption analysis, GIS and health, spatial accessibility modelling and visualization, geostatistics, immigration and settlement, retail internationalization

Urban Development
Nina-Marie Lister
MSc Planning, University of Toronto
Research areas: landscape ecology, ecological design, landscape infrastructure, planning & design for resilience, urban waterfronts, parks & natural heritage planning, biodiversity conservation

Attend an Open House

Program open houses include tours, examples of graduate research projects and opportunities to meet with faculty and students.