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Faculty participating in the program are drawn from several departments within each of the faculties across the university.

The faculty participating in the program have varied research expertise across their broad fields and several faculty members have expertise in more than one field.

Faculty of Arts

Department of Economics

Min Seong Kim, associate professor

Leo Michelis, professor

Cathy Ning, associate professor

Amy Peng, associate professor

Germán Pupato, assistant professor

Maurice Roche, professor and chair

Brennan Thompson, associate professor

Department of Geography

Brian Ceh, associate professor

Tony Hernandez, professor

Claus Rinner, professor and chair

Lu Wang, associate professor


Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Rafik Loutfy, director, Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Department of Civil Engineering

Joseph Chow, assistant professor

Khaled Sennah, professor and chair

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ebrahim Bagheri, associate professor

Sri Krishnan, professor

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Ayşe Bener, professor

Seth Dworkin, associate professor

Liping Fang, professor and associate dean, undergraduate programs and student affairs

Mohamed Wahab Ismail, director and associate professor

Mohamed Jabar, professor

Patrick Neumann, associate professor

Farokh Sharifi, professor

Sharareh Taghipour, assistant professor

Saeed Zolfaghari, vice-provost, faculty affairs and professor


Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry and Biology

John Marshall, professor

Stephanie J. Melles, assistant professor

Department of Computer Science

Abdolreza Abhari, professor

Kosta Derpanis, assistant professor

Cherie Ding, associate professor

Alex Ferworn, professor

Andriy Miranskyy, assistant professor

Ali Miri, professor and associate chair

Alireza Sadeghian, professor

Marcus Vinicius dos Santos, associate professor

Isaac Woungang, professor

Department of Mathematics

Anthony Bonato, professor and associate dean, students and programs, YSGS

Marcos Escobar, professor

Sebastian Ferrando, professor

Pablo Olivares, assistant professor

Pawel Pralat, associate professor


Ted Rogers School of Management

Business Management

Anatoliy Gruzd, associate professor

Information Technology Management

Youcef Derbal, associate professor

Farid Shirazi, associate professor

Ozgur Turetken, professor