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Ryerson Master of Digital Media
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Forge Your Future

The digital economy is here and the future belongs to people with the unique ability to develop and expand solid business ideas and models through and with the implementation of global digital media.

If you are a motivated person with a propensity to question and challenge, then you will derive invaluable benefits from this program.

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning

The Master of Digital Media program involves extensive project-based experiences and entrepreneurial simulations and tutorials through which students acquire valuable academic and applied knowledge of the digital media industry.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Students will be immersed in comprehensive study of business, art, design and technology intended to stimulate entrepreneurial and 21st century leadership.

Nathan Christie

Hi there! I'm Nathan, and I'm happy to be a part of the Digital Media program.

The basic gist (or is it jist? Gif or Jif?) of who I am: I like to write. Usually exciting, yet quite terrifying. When I don't write, I like to edit. Usually unexciting, yet quite satisfying. For the majority of my short professional career, I presented myself as a do-anything freelancer in these two roles.

Recently, I became a managing editor for a publisher in the health sciences. Taking a role in product development was a bit uncanny in how natural it felt, and I started to think more about the applications of digital media and where that leads.

And now here I am. "Where will I end up?" is a question that I cannot yet answer, but I do know where the next step lies, and the path ahead is sketched out...

Q&A with Nathan

What do you think of the Master of Digital Media (MDM) program so far?

Fantastic. It only took me a week to know that I made the right decision in applying. Before I was aware of MDM, I didn’t figure I was going to do grad studies — no other master’s programs really appealed to me. But MDM offered the right blend of interdisciplinary, hands-on education and applicability to your own background/industry. MDM doesn’t lock you into a niche; It encourages you to expand your horizons.

And of course, my classmates, the faculty, and the administrative staff are both one-of-a-kind and too kind.

Has anything surprised you?

Coming in, I assumed there would be more individual assignment. Instead, I would say that groupwork took up a good three fourths of the total work done in the fall term. As someone used to doing things solo, I was a little wary at first. But let me assure anyone who has similar thoughts that it’s not going to be an issue -- you will get to know your classmates very quickly, and the friendships you make are really the X-factor that will get you through the furiously busy first term.

What’s been your favourite course so far?

The five courses in the fall term all have their various strengths and quirks, but for me I always look forward to the Foundations of Digital Media class the most. Perhaps because it is the most theoretical-oriented, and I am that strange type of person who enjoys discussing that kind of stuff.

Any advice for those thinking of applying?

Well, I applied pretty late, so don’t do what I did. Be prepared ahead of time! If you missed the information night, don’t worry, you haven’t missed your chance. You can contact me or any of my classmates through the 2016-17 student bio page. Who knows, there might be someone in this cohort who comes from the same background/industry as you.

Also check out the student abstracts page to get a good idea of what past students have done for their major research project/paper (MRP). Remember, you don’t need to have a specific idea for an MRP in mind when you apply!


MDM student travels to Afghanistan

MDM student travels to Afghanistan to film secret marathon

Kate McKenzie, Master of Digital Media student and experienced storyteller, documents her first marathon – in Afghanistan - to fight for women's rights and freedom.

Graduate premieres Anatomy of Violence at TIFF Bell Lightbox

Filmmaker and director Deepa Mehta investigates one of India’s most notorious crimes — the 2012 gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old woman on a Delhi bus — in her angry, impassioned and essential new film. The film runs from Nov. 25 - Dec. 1.


For program information please contact:

Sonya Taccone, Program Administrator


Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 2858


For information regarding the program from students currently enrolled please conact:

Master of Digital Media Student Representatives





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