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Ryerson Master of Digital Media
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The digital economy is here and the future belongs to people with the unique ability to develop and expand solid business ideas and models through and with the implementation of global digital media.

If you are a motivated person with a propensity to question and challenge, then you will derive invaluable benefits from this program.

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning

The Master of Digital Media program involves extensive project-based experiences and entrepreneurial simulations and tutorials through which students acquire valuable academic and applied knowledge of the digital media industry.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Students will be immersed in comprehensive study of business, art, design and technology intended to stimulate entrepreneurial and 21st century leadership.




Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts

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Digital Storytelling with Film, Art & Media


Growing up in the digital age my passion for storytelling evolved in various mediums such as film, web, user experience design, and projection mapping experiences. My Bachelors of Global Business and Digital Arts at the University of Waterloo and my current pursuit at a Master’s in Digital Media at Ryerson University has elevated my creative process to thinking critical while having imaginative ideas that contain insight and value. Learning about consumer behaviour, market research, and advertising, fused with creative storytelling and a unique perspective, allowed me to understand this magical equation that leads to victorious projects.

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media is the next frontier in human innovation and growing creatively in a rapid space. As a digital media enthusiast and a storytelling practitioner, the world of digital media will allow me to convey ideas and creative energy in mediums that are yet to be invented.



Nitish & Kimron Inteviewing Meredith Drost

Ryerson’s Virtual Studio lets the Public Co-Create the News

June 21, 2017

This past winter, Transmedia Zone Director & Associate Professor Ramona Pringle challenged her Interactive Storytelling class with the following question: What are the best solutions to engaging audiences in user-generated campaigns?

Partnering with CBC and White Pine Pictures, these students, including some of us in MDM, came up with an answer in the form of the Virtual Studio, a unique and innovative way of sharing stories stories of change-makers all across Canada.

What is the Virtual Studio?

The Virtual Studio, located on-campus at Ryerson University, allows students to use digital technology to co-create short films with collaborators located all across the country, mari usque ad mare. This project, known as We Are Canada, allows students' to apply their learnings in digital storytelling to the inspiring tales of their subjects. Although produced remotely, the collaborative nature of this project ensured that these videos were high quality.

Why Virtual Studio?

Video storytelling is typically done on location, allowing media-makers to film their subjects. However, students at Ryerson University are experimenting with a new storytelling method that enable co-creation of films remotely using digital technology. Their Virtual Studio makes it possible to bring untold stories from across Canada to audiences.

Besides setting a new bar for digital storytelling, students also learn skills that could give them a career advantage in the competitive world of broadcast journalism.

What were the results?

During the 30-day campaign, the student-created videos were viewed 44,788 times, and the project successfully engaged Canadians from coast to coast in voting for their favourite change-makers.

Where can I learn more?

Check out videos and more results of the project by visiting the Virtual Studio's homepage.



Busa Dig at el-Hibeh.jpg

Creativity beyond the 9-5

June 14, 2017

Ryerson MDM Alumni, co-founders of Studio Bud!

When we’re young, we’re taught to be curious, creative, and confident. Before we “choose” a path, we’re all budding scientists, artists, and innovators. This doesn’t need to end just because you’ve started your career.

In our first year post-graduation, we’ve both been fortunate to have started careers in successful companies that fall within our respective industries. We studied hard, worked hard, and now we’re left dealing with “life” once 5 p.m. hits. That’s why we’ve become advocates for what we call the “creativity happy hour” – the time spent pursuing passion projects in the other 40 hours outside of work.

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Busa Dig at el-Hibeh.jpg

Busa Dig at el-Hibeh

June 7, 2017

History professor Jean Li mixes traditional methods with current technologies – like robotics – in her excavation of an ancient urban settlement at external,el-Hibeh, Egypt. Li’s research is at the cutting edge of an emerging discipline of digital archaeology.

Li works with a team from Ryerson’s Masters in Digital Media to program and compile vital data from el-Hibeh’s burial sites and temples. Extensive looting of the site resulted in potentially dangerous and unstable environments. In order to assess the damage, remote operated robots are being created to explore the archaeological site. The information retrieved by the team’s custom-built and modified robots will be used to create 3D reconstructions of the structures. Li and her colleagues will map out a new future for archaeological research which provides insight into mortuary practices and how ancient peoples perceived and preserved their personal identities.

At Ryerson University, time-tested methods in the social sciences and humanities are combined with innovative techniques to advance archaeological research and our understanding of the past.




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