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About the Program

The Documentary Media program is the first program in Canada to offer an MFA degree in documentary media and is one of a very limited number of such programs offered worldwide.

The focus of the MFA program is on producing documentary-based, innovative work. The program is uniquely interdisciplinary, as it brings together students working in film, photography and new media and in combinations of the above, to explore documentary forms and strategies in the making of new documentary work including hybrid documentaries, artworks and installations.

Rather than providing a static definition of what documentary is, the program combines studies in documentary ideas and practices with explorations in the humanities, fine arts and visual culture. These are intended to open up possibilities for documentary work created from political, cultural or personal points of departure. Students in the program have investigated topics that range from robotics and the limits of human experience to micro-histories of neighbourhoods, investigations of First Nations issues and questions of language, forced migration and displacement, environmental issues and contemporary art.  Projects from the program’s first three years have been undertaken throughout the Americas, as well as in Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Africa, the European Union and the Middle East.

The Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media is a full-time, two-year/six-term program that strives to maintain a connection to documentary traditions while encouraging innovative approaches to the making of new documentary works.