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Master Of Journalism

photo: on cameraFor almost 50 years, Ryerson University has developed a reputation as one of Canada's leading institutions for professional journalism education at the undergraduate level. Ryerson has now introduced, in September 2007, a Master of Journalism program.

Ryerson's School of Journalism is known for its highly experienced and award-winning faculty, its state-of-the-art facilities and its close connections with all of Canada's major journalistic institutions. In the new MJ program, students learn how to cover stories in all major media to professional standards. At the same time, they gain a sophisticated understanding of journalism's historic mission and its present-day possibilities, learn advanced research skills, embrace innovation, and focus on the challenges of covering Canada's largest, most diverse and most dynamic city. Ryerson's location in the centre of journalistic activity in Canada makes it the ideal place to lay the foundations for a career as one of Canada's future journalistic leaders.

The Master of Journalism program lasts for two years, providing rigorous and intensive preparation for professional work in newspapers, broadcasting, magazines, or online journalism. This aspect of the program is hands-on: students work closely with highly qualified, demanding instructors, facing realistic deadlines and progressing rapidly to reach professional standards of achievement. In other parts of the program, students will develop a sound understanding of why journalism operates as it does and consider new approaches that may reach 21st-century audiences more effectively. They will also receive advanced training in research methods and will have opportunities to specialize in such subjects as business, international, urban, or health and science journalism, investigative techniques, or television documentary. An internship in a professional newsroom or editorial office is part of the core curriculum. The program culminates in a Major Project, which is a substantial piece of journalistic work showing originality in conception and approach and a mastery of the chosen journalistic form.