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mechanical and industrial engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS)

Graduate Open House 

November 1st

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Data Science Lab

As data gets big and complex, there is a need for multi scale approaches in transforming data to knowledge. This transformation takes place by joining disciplines to model, analyze, learn and extract knowledge in diverse domains from health care to environment, engineering, business, software, and banking. Data Science Lab (DSL) is engaged in research and training programs. Research in DSL involves design of intelligent algorithms and development of decision making models and recommender systems to form risk management systems, personalized diagnosis and patient treatment systems, and process modelling systems. Training programs include degree programs and short courses in business intelligence, data science and smart analytics.

Student Experience

"The research community at Ryerson is continuously growing, and the faculty are doing an exceptional job nurturing the spirit of innovation and collaboration. The community is highly interdisciplinary, which has provided me with opportunities to network Iā€™d previously never considered. My graduate studies have been challenging, but it has been an exciting and rewarding experience.ā€

ā€“ Steven G. Jones, MASc Candidate, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, second year

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