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Master of Health Science program in
Nutrition Communication

Every dietitian is a nutrition communicator. Whether we're creating nutrition communication campaigns, counselling clients, consulting with media, or talking about food, dietitians are Canadians' most credible source of nutrition information.

  • Today’s dietitians need advanced nutrition communication knowledge and skills to flourish in a wide array of careers ranging from hospital- and community-based practice to industry, e-health, and beyond. 
  • In our program, you’ll gain the critical thinking, research interpretation, and advanced communication skills you need to translate scientific evidence for varied audiences.
  • MHSc graduates* are qualified to provide patient nutritional care and counselling and/or nutrition and health communications and promotion, knowledge translation, program planning and evaluation, and policy development in hospital and community based settings, community and public health organizations and government agencies, food industry, private sector health companies, and consulting firms for not-for-profit and non-governmental food and health charities and organizations.

* Those who are dietitians and those who complete the accredited practicum option and become dietitians.



Master of Health Science in Nutrition Communication Newsletter