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The PMDip Dietetics, housed in Ryerson’s School of Nutrition and offered in partnership with external organizations, is a 1-year professional program of study for students who wish to demonstrate competency attainment as per the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP), qualify to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE), and become dietitians.  Dietetic practice is a regulated health profession in Canada. Only applicants who have completed an accredited Canadian undergraduate nutrition/dietetics degree can be considered for PMDip Dietetics program admission. After passing the CDRE and becoming dietitians, PMDip Dietetics graduates will be well prepared to work in a diverse range of entry-level dietetic practice settings or pursue further graduate studies.

As of Nov 30, 2016, the PMDip Dietetics program was granted candidacy status, which confirms that we have demonstrated satisfactory compliance with the accreditation standards, by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) Accreditation Council. The final step in the pathway to full accreditation, which must occur while students are enrolled in the program, is a site visit by external examiners that take place on March 20 and 21 2017. 

If you have questions regarding the accreditation status, please contact one of the internship coordinators at a participating external partner organization below.

Program Mission

To collaborate with partner organizations to provide outstanding practical training for future dietitians.

Program Vision

To be a leading hub for innovation and collaboration in dietetic education and training.

Program Objectives

  1. To provide students with high quality practical training through which they can demonstrate competency attainment as per the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP), qualify to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination, and become dietitians.
  2. To draw on all partner organization's resources to enhance the quality of dietetic practical training for students and preceptors.
  3. To provide students and preceptors with exceptional opportunities for professional growth and development.

Why apply to a PMDip Dietetics program?

PMDip Dietetics program students participate in top quality dietetic practical training developed and implemented by experienced, highly skilled dietitian preceptors. Students have access to Ryerson resources, including: research databases, library and electronic resources, computer labs and technical support, extended health coverage and medical services, personal and career counselling, WSIB coverage, professional liability insurance, career services, athletic centre membership, student housing support, student learning support, discounted travel and transit passes and other student services.  More on the benefits of belonging to Ryerson’s student community can be found at Ryerson Student Services and Ryerson Student Life. PMDip Dietetics students are expected to adhere to the policies described in the School of Nutrition Graduate Programs Practicum Policy and Procedures manual. The PMDip Dietetics Student Handbook provides information concerning relevant services, supports, obligations and expectations and opportunities.

Students are not eligible to apply for OSAP funding for this program. Interested applicants who hold existing OSAP loans should contact OSAP directly to discuss loan repayment options.


The Professional Master’s Diploma in Dietetics is a traditional internship program that’s been organized to fit into an academic format. Internship rotations have been structured to form three courses (Internship Unit I, Internship Unit II, and Internship Unit III). Just like a traditional internship program, each internship course involves 35-40 hours per week of immersion in various dietetic practice settings (primarily at the partner site) where you will have multiple, additive opportunities to meet the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice. The classroom-based educational components of the internship program have been combined to form a 3-hour/week Professional Practice course which is taught at Ryerson University during the fall semester. Students will take:

  • Fall - NC8401 Internship Unit I and NC8300 Professional Practice
  • Winter - NC8402 Internship Unit II
  • Spring/Summer - NC8403 Internship Unit III


For details on tuition and other fees payable by domestic or international students see: Fee schedules are updated by mid-August for the upcoming academic year.

How to Apply

PMDip Dietetics programs are part of the Dietitians of Canada Internship Application process. Applicants must submit Dietitians of Canada Internship application packages to the external partner organization. Our external partners receive and review applications and select the successful applicants for their sites. ALL applications must be made through this process.

Participating External Partner Organizations

Yeates School of Graduate Studies logo
Image of the front cover of the Graduate Programs Practicum Policy and Procedures manual
Image of the front cover of the PMDip Dietetics Student Handbook

The St. Michael’s Hospital/Ryerson University Collaborative Dietetic Program

Direct all inquiries to:
   Helen Tomalik M.Ed, RD
   Interim Coordinator of Nutrition and Dietetic Education/Research St. Michael’s Hospital
   Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre, 209 Victoria Street
   Student Centre, Room 575, Office 588, 5th floor Toronto, ON   M5B 1W8
   Telephone: (416) 864-5551


The North York General Hospital/Ryerson University Collaborative Dietetic Program

Direct all inquiries to:
   Dietetic Internship Coordinator
   North York General Hospital
   4001 Leslie Street
   Centre for Education 6N 630
   Toronto, ON M2K 1E1
   Tel: (416) 756-6000 ext.4003


For program details see the current Dietitians of Canada Internship Application Package.