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Graduate Program in Immigration and Settlement Studies


Anne-Marie Lee-Loy

Department of English
416-979-5000, ext. 6043
Faculty's web site:

Research Interests

Ph.D. British Cultural Studies, University of Warwick, UK, 2003
M.A. English Language and Literature, Carleton University, Canada, 1994
B.A. English and History, Carleton University, Canada 1993

Selected Publications
Reading Mr. Chin. Images of the Chinese in the West Indies (Dido Press, an imprint of Aeneas Ltd., West Sussex, United Kingdom 2006)

"Cyril Dabydeen", in F. Birbalsingh and H. Simpson, Border Crossings: Caribbean- Canadian Writing. A Bio- Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook (Coconut Creek, Florida: Caribbean Studies Press) (expected date of publication: Summer 2007)

"Kissing the Cross: Nineteenth Century Representations of Chinese and Indian Immigrants in Trinidad and British Guiana", in A. Wilson, The Chinese in the Caribbean (Princeton, New Jersey: Markus Weiner Publishers), 25 - 40

"The Chinese Shop as Nation Theatre in West Indian Fiction", Anthurium, 5.1, 2007 (in press)

"...The Chinese are Preferred to all Others: Nineteenth-Century Representations of the Chinese in Trinidad and British Guiana", Asian Studies Review 27:2 205 - 225, 2003

Courses Taught
IS8923: Immigrants' Voices in Canadian Literature

Titles of Major Research Papers previously supervised in ISS program

Titles of Major Research Papers previously engaged as Second Reader in ISS program

Asian Representation and Anti-Asian Racism in Contemporary Hollywood Film (2005)

Racism and Multiracial Couples: A Social Constructionist Perspective (2006)

Redefining Identity: Personal Narratives of Second Generation Greek and Italian Canadian Women (2005)

Welcoming the Stranger: The role of the Canadian church in the private sponsorship of refugees program (2008)

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