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MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation

Program Overview

Technology and innovation are transforming the way we live and work, remaking industry boundaries with new ways of delivering products and services. In this rapidly changing world, employers need professionals who understand the pace of change and the impact of innovation in virtually all sectors. The Ted Rogers MBA in the Management of Technology and Innovation (MBA-MTI) program provides graduates with skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. You will immediately apply your knowledge to find practical solutions to the complex problems created by technology and innovation.

This is not a technical program. Students of the MBA-MTI program graduate with the skills needed to manage within companies that are focused on tech and innovation. Many of our students with non-tech backgrounds join the MBA-MTI program as a means to pursue careers in project management, consulting, research and analysis.You won't learn to code in this program, but you will learn how technology is changing organizations, why it's important, and how to communicate that to colleagues.

How to Apply

Once you’ve made an informed choice about which program(s) you are going to apply to, preparing your application requires careful research and planning. Start here


At Ryerson, we recognize that pursuing graduate studies is a significant financial investment. There are a number of funding packages – internal and external – available to graduate students.

Finding a Supervisor

With nearly 900 affiliated and adjunct graduate teaching faculty, you can find the right supervisor at Ryerson.