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Payment Options

There are a number of ways you can pay your residence fees. Payments can be made in the following ways:

  1. Online Banking
  2. Telephone Banking
  3. At your Bank
  4. Western Union Business Solutions (for International Students)


Ryerson University does not accept credit cards for the payment of undergraduate and graduate tuition and residence fees. Any company or organization that offers the opportunity to pay fees by credit card is not associated with Ryerson. If you choose to use such a service, you should be aware that

  • You will remain responsible for all fees should for any reason the payment not be received
  • You will be paying a fee to the company over and above Ryerson's fees;
  • You will be required to provide personal information, including your student number, to the company


Paying Online

ALL residence fees can be paid online. How to pay, online, to your Ryerson Student Fee Account.

  1. Sign up with your bank for Internet banking.
  2. Add Ryerson as a payee –
    • Search “Ryerson University Tuition and Residence” (It may have a slight variation of title depending on the bank,)
  3. Use your 9 digit student number as your account number.

Please allow 3 business days for your payment to be applied to your Ryerson Student Fee Account.


Ryerson fees can be paid online with the following banks:

  • Bank of Montreal
  • ScotiaBank
  • CIBC
  • HSBC
  • National Bank
  • President's Choice Bank
  • Royal Bank
  • TD/Canada Trust