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Amenities & Services


At the beginning of the school year $50 is automatically loaded onto your One Card and can be used only for laundry expenses.

Laundry Locations:

Pitman - Every floor
ILLC - Every Floor
O'Keefe - In the house basement

Laundry Costs:

Washer: $2.00
Dryer: $1.50

No more laundry money?

You can easily add more money to your OneCard's laundry account at residence Add Cash PHIL Machines 24/7 located in the Pitman and ILLC lobbies. The machine takes $5, $10 and $20 bills.



Launderlust Logo

On Demand Laundry Service

To help make life away from home a little bit easier, Ryerson Residence has partnered with LaunderLust to offer you a premium on-demand laundry service.

You can place orders 24/7 through the mobile app and have your laundry professionally cleaned and delivered back the very next day. Customizable order preferences and stain notes make sure your clothing is cared for the way you like it, just like home. LaunderLust keeps your clothing clean and your linens fresh, while you focus on better things.

Sign up for a free account at

Mail/ Packages

ILC & Pitman Hall

If you live in the ILC or Pitman Hall you will have a mailbox assigned to you for the length of your stay in residence. When having mail sent to you please ask that your mailbox number be included in your address.

Mail that does not have a mailbox number on it and mail that is too large to fit into your mailbox will be dropped off at the residence services desk of your building. The Residence Services Desk Agent will log your package and leave you a message to come and pick it up. When picking up a package please provide your residence I.D. card and sign to acknowledge you have picked up the package.

Please note that C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) packages cannot be accepted at the desk unless you are there to pay for it yourself. If you are not available the package will be returned to sender.


O'Keefe House

If you live in O'Keefe House the mail is delivered directly to the house and you can pick it up on the main floor. You can also have your mail delivered to Pitman Hall if you chose.


Sending Mail or Packages

There is a mail drop box located on campus at the corner of Church St. and Gould St. To send larger pieces of mail or packages there is a post office located in the Atrium on Bay, at the corner of Yonge St. and Dundas St.


Mail after Move-Out

Any mail that is received after you move out and after April 25th, 2015 will be Returned To Sender. Please inform your friends, relatives, schools, bank, credit card companies, etc. of your new summer address as soon as possible.

Residence Adressses
ILC Pitman Hall O'Keefe House
240 Jarvis St.
Toronto, ON
M5B 2L1
160 Mutual St.
Toronto, ON
M5B 2M2
137 Bond St.
Toronto, ON
M5B 1Y2
Garbage & Recycling


It is your responsibility to empty the garbage container in your room. A garbage chute is located on each floor of Pitman Hall, next to the elevators beside your RA’s apartment. Items larger then a full grocery bag will not fit in the garbage chute and should be placed by the containers in your main floor lounge. DO NOT JAM THE CHUTE.

At the ILC and O’Keefe House, please bag your garbage and take it to the central location on your floor where it is picked up daily – in the floor lounge for the ILC, and near the kitchenette in O’Keefe House.



Recycling containers are located in the main lounge on each floor of the ILC and Pitman Hall, and on the main floor of O’Keefe House. Please use these containers to properly dispose of cans, bottles, paper, cardboard, and other recyclable material. Students living in suites in Pitman Hall are also expected to bring recyclable material from their suites to these locations for pick-up.

Telephone Voicemail

What's Available?

The ILLC and Pitman Hall have a digital telephone in each bedroom with its own private extension and voicemail. Telephone service is set up through the Computing and Communication Services (CCS) department on campus. Fees for phone services and local calls are included in your residence fees. Long distance charges are billed to you on your Student Fee Account.

O'Keefe House is not part of Ryerson's phone network and so you have the option of choosing from a number of outside providers. You can choose to go with a land line or a cell phone. Some local services providers are:

Bell Canada


How Do I Use My Phone?

To dial an outside line you must press '9' before dialing the number. In Toronto you must dial the area code, then the phone number to be connected.

For example: To dial Ryerson's main phone line 416-979-5000, you must press 9, then 416, then 979-5000. Once you have dialed these numbers your call will be connected.

When you are dialing a number on campus you only need to dial the four digit extension.

For example: To call Student Housing Services you do not have to dial 416-979-5284, you can dial 5284 instead.

How Much Is Long Distance?

Long distance calls are charged at the Bell Long Distance Basic rate. These rates are available on the Bell websiteLong Distance.


How Do I Use My Voicemail?

To access your voicemail you need to press the message key on your phone, (the message key is the second button from the top on the right hand side of your phone.

You will be asked to supply your mailbox. When using your phone your mailbox is your four digit extension.

You will then be asked for your password. The first time you access your voicemail your password will be six digits ‘1 2 + your 5 digit phone extension'. After you have entered this password you will need to change your password to a new six digit password. Choose a six digit password that you will remember. (For your security and privacy your password cannot be 123456)

Once you have changed your password you can access your messages.

For more menu options you can press 8* and follow the prompts.


I'm Locked Out, What Now?

If you enter an incorrect password 3 times you will be locked out of the system.

Contact the Student Housing Services Office. Your password will be reset to the temporary password, 1 2 + your 5 digit phone extension.

Phone Bills

Ryerson provides phone service for both Pitman Hall and the ILC. Each resident has their own phone extension and voicemail. Local calls and the Internet are included in your residence fees. Long distance calls are extra and are charged to your Ryerson Student Fee Account monthly.

Residents can view their phone bills online. The phone bill will include a summary of all chargeable calls made during the period outlined on the bill. If you have questions about your phone bill, please contact Computing and Communications Services at 416-979-5000 ex. 6797.

Ryerson does not provide the phone service for O'Keefe House, so residents have the option of choosing between a land line or cell phone with the services provider of their choice. Some local service providers are:


ILLC & O’Keefe House

Your OneCard functions as your door keycard. If you lose or break that card you must replace it with the OneCard office. In the meantime you can get a temporary card from the ILLC residence services desk. Or Housing & Residence Life Office. Once you have your new OneCard return the temporary card back to the ILLC residence services desk, so your lock information can be transferred to your new OneCard.

Pitman Hall

As soon as your bedroom door closes it locks. We ask that you carry your bedroom key on your person at all times.

If you are locked out of your room, please try and find your Resident Advisor(RA) to do the lockout for you. If you cannot find your RA please come or call down to the residence services desk of your building.

The Residence Services Desk Agent will find either Residence Life Staff or Maintenance to do the lockout for you.

ILLC Residence Services Desk - ext. 7493
Pitman Hall Residence Services Desk - ext. 5210

Lockouts cost:

  • Orientation Week (August 31, 2015 to September 7, 2015) - FREE
  • 1st Lockout - FREE
  • 2nd Lockout - $5
  • 3rd Lockout - $10
  • 4th Lockout - $15
  • 5th Lockout - $20 and email send to your Resident Advisor
  • 6th and all Subsequent Lockouts - $50
  • 10th Lockout - $50 and meeting with the Graduate Advisor - Community Standards

This lockout charge schedule resets in January and begins again with your 1st Lockout free.

Replacing a Key

If you have lost or broken your keys please come to the Housing & Residence Life office, PIT-100 to replace them.

During the month of September any keys that are lost or broken can be replaced for free. After that period there is a $10 charge for each replacement.

Below are the approximate wait times for key replacements:

Key Type Approximate Replacement Period
Residence I.D. 10 Minutes
Pitman Hall Room Keycard 2 Hours
Mailbox Key 1 Week