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Commuter Hostel

Located in the International Living and Learning Centre, Commuter Hostel is a great option for commuter students looking for short-term accommodations on campus.

Have an early exam or need to stay overnight on campus to work on a project? Commuter students are able to book a room and stay overnight in a Commuter Hostel residence room.

The Commuter Hostel is open during the academic year, 7 nights a week. 

Bookable dates in the Fall Term: September 6th, 2016 to December 17, 2016 (Note: December 16, 2016 is the last overnight booking date). 

Bookable dates in the Winter Term: January 9, 2017 to April 27, 2017. (Note: The Commuter Hostel is closed for Winter Break.)

All guests must be current Ryerson students. 

Single Occupancy: 

The cost of a stay for one person is $35/night, tax-exempted.

Double Occupancy:

The cost of a stay for two people is $45/night, tax-exempted ($22.50 per person). 

Single and double occupancy rooms share the same inventory. 



For questions, cancellations and modifications to requests/bookings, please email*

*Phone and email bookings are not accepted. Please book online

1. Make a Booking Online

Bookings begin on August 22nd, 2016 at 10am. Click here to apply.

Please note: Room rentals are available 7 nights a week, with a maximum of 3 nights in a row and 9 nights within a month. 

Bookings must be made 48 hours in advance, otherwise rooms may be unavailable. Saturday to Monday night bookings must be made by 3pm on the previous Thursday. 

2. Wait for Confirmation

Our staff will review your request based on room availability. Bookings are not confirmed until a confirmation is sent by the Ryerson Commuter Hostel staff to your Ryerson email. If your booking is confirmed, we will provide all relevant information for your stay. 

3. Check-in

Check-in is between 4pm-midnight. 

Check in at the ILC Service Desk with your OneCard to receive your key package, which includes your key, wristband, and room information. You will sign a Registration Form to confirm your arrival. Please note there is no luggage storage available. 

You must wear your Commuter Hostel wristband during your stay to access the residence. Failure to wear your wristband may result in removal from the property. 

If you experience any issues during your stay, please visit the ILC Service Desk or call 7700 from your room phone. Limited quantities of extra amenities, including toilet paper, are available at the Service Desk. 

Hungry during your stay? Check out the ILC Mutual St Eatery for cafeteria options (ground floor). 

For access to a TV, visit the After 7 Lounge (ground floor). 

4. Check-out

Check-out is before 11am. There is no late check-out. If there are two guests staying in a room, both guests must vacate at the same time. 

You must check-out by returning to the ILC Service Desk with your key and wristband. If you do not return your key and/or wristband, you will be charged a $10 fee and may be banned from booking in the future. 

Please note there is no luggage storage. Guests must take all personal belongings with them upon check-out. 

5. Payment

The cost of a stay is $35 per night for single occupancy, tax-exempted, and $45 per night for double occupancy, tax-exempted. Your total fee will be charged on your RAMSS account in 5-10 business days after your departure. Please ensure you pay this charge by the fee deadline set by Ryerson. 

6. FAQs

What is the Commuter Hostel Program:

Ryerson's Commuter Hostel program is a short-term accommodation option for current Ryerson students who need a short-term option on campus. Have an early exam or need to stay on-campus overnight to work on a project? The Commuter Hostel program is perfect for you! Rooms are available for 1 or 2 person occupancy through an online booking form. 

Room Cost:

$35 for a single occupancy or $45 for double occupancy ($22.50 per person). All guests must be current Ryerson students, including double occupancy bookings. 


 Rooms are available 7 days a week with maximum booking of 3 nights in a row and 9 nights in a month. Apply to book a room on the Ryerson Commuter Hostel Booking Form. Once your booking request is submitted, our office will confirm your booking within 2 business days. Bookings must be made 48 hours in advance, otherwise rooms may be unavailable. Saturday to Monday night bookings must be made by 3pm on the previous Thursday. 


If there is no room availability on your requested date(s), you will be given the option to be added to the waitlist. If a room becomes available on your requested date(s), you will be contacted by email to accept or decline the booking. If your reply is not received by noon on the following day, we will offer the room to the next person on the waiting list. 

Double Occupancy Bookings:

Students who book a double occupancy room must both be current Ryerson students. Both students must record their information in the booking. Room charges will be split and charged to both students' accounts equally on RAMSS. 


All bookings must be cancelled in writing to by 4:00pm at least 1 day prior to the scheduled arrival date, otherwise the booking charge will be charged for no-show.

Modifications to scheduled bookings (not yet checked-in):

To modify (shorten or extend) your confirmed booking that you have not yet checked in for, please submit a new booking request with your new dates and email

Modifications to scheduled bookings (currently checked-in):

If you wish to extend your booking, please submit a new booking request for the additional intended dates and then email 

Check-In Process:

Check-in is between 4pm and midnight at the ILC Service Desk (240 Jarvis) to receive your key and wristband. During your stay, you must wear your Commuter Hostel wristband to access the residence. 

Check-Out Process:

Check-out is before 11am and requires returning the key and wristband to the ILC Service Desk to avoid a $10 fine and potential banning from future bookings. 

Room Amenities:

Commuter Hostel rooms include a double bed with linens, pull-out sofa, en-suite bathroom with towels, a hairdryer and basic hotel toiletries, local phone and Wifi (password located beside modem). Single and double occupancy rooms share the same inventory.

Extra Amenities:

Some extra amenities including toilet paper can be picked up at the ILC Service Desk but are within limited quantities. 

Door Access:

Please note the Commuter Hostel room doors do not lock behind them. You must lock the door upon entry and exit. 

Guests Rules:

Important guest rules can be found on the (PDF) Commuter Hostel Contract. All guests must abide by the rules outlined otherwise they may be evicted, be charged a fee and/or banned from future Commuter Hostel bookings. 


Commuter Hostel guests are not permitted to have visitors. Any Commuter Hostel guest found having visitors will be required to leave immediately with their visitor and will be banned from making future Commuter Hostel bookings. 

Luggage Storage:

Due to limited space, we are unable to store luggage before check-in and after check-out. Be sure to pack a small amount that you can carry with you.

Support/Questions during your stay:

Visit the ILC Service Desk to inquire about any questions or issues you are experiencing, or call them at ext 7700.

Pay Process:

All room and/or other charges will be charged to your Ryerson account (RAMSS). You must pay for this following the Ryerson fee deadlines. 


7. Contract & Community Standards

Commuter Hostel Contract

(PDF) Commuter Hostel Contract


Commuter Hostel Community Standards

We are pleased to welcome you to our residence community as a Commuter Hostel guest and hope that this experience highlights some of the benefits of living in residence.

The Department of Housing & Residence Life embraces innovation, creativity and thinking beyond convention – all characteristics that are at the core of Ryerson University.

Housing & Residence Life (HRL) makes the assumption that the priority of each student is academic success. While the residence environment provides additional opportunities for learning, everyone involved in the residence community must contribute to make the residence a positive and supportive environment aligned with Ryerson University’s core mandate of teaching and learning.

Every member of the residence understands that certain community standards, or rules, need to exist in order for a large group of people to live together and function as a community within a relatively small environment.  HRL believes that integral to Our Commitment to Community is an appreciation of the effect of one’s personal behaviour on others and respect for their personal and property rights.  Ryerson University appeals to each resident’s sense of reason, responsibility, and consideration for others.  Ryerson University promotes the ideal that responsibilities are to be shared by everyone in order to maintain a high standard of cooperative living, tolerance, mutual respect and compromise.

In choosing to join the residence community at Ryerson University, each resident accepts to live by this commitment, which values and promotes common courtesy, good citizenship, understanding and responsible behaviour.

For additional information related to behavioural standards in our Residence Communities please review the Housing and Residence Life Community Standards available on our website.


Alcohol is permitted in residence provided the following:

  • Students under the age of 19 cannot consume alcohol in or on Ryerson University Property

  • Alcohol consumption is only permitted within suite/room areas

  • Consuming alcohol in all other residence areas is strictly prohibited. Students must abide by all federal, provincial and municipal alcohol laws and University policy.

  • Binge drinking, vomiting as a result of over-consumption, belligerence are actions connected to unsafe drinking.

Illegal Substances

  • Students in residence are prohibited from being involved with trafficking, possessing, using and consuming any illegal drug substance in residence.  Evidence of drug traces or drug paraphernalia, or the smell of prohibited substances (e.g., marijuana), in or near suite/rooms, common areas or near the residence building will be assumed to be conclusive of use or possession (in accordance with the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act).  


  • As per university policy, all areas in residence are non-smoking.  Smoking in areas where second hand smoke is affecting the community is also prohibited.  Such areas may include, but are not limited to, doorways, near windows or air intake vents.  

Excessive Noise

  • Intentionally or unintentionally creating noise that disrupts several members of the residence, University or surrounding community is not permitted.  

  • Consideration Hours are always in effect; Quiet hours are Sunday-Thursday 11:00pm to 8:00am

Fire Safety Procedures

  • Failing to follow emergency or safety procedures is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, failing to leave the residence during a fire alarm and entering an area that is restricted or not providing identification (ie: OneCard, ResID) when asked to present.


  • Given the short stay of our commuter hostel guests, visitors are not permitted. Commuter Hostel students found with guests in their room will be asked to leave and no longer permitted to rent through the commuter hostel program.

Building Safety

  • As a commuter hostel student you are responsible for any damages or cleanliness issues that may arise in your room during your stay. Please carry your Ryerson One Card with you at all times while staying within residence and report any issues to the ILC front desk.