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Determine Your Needs

There’s a lot to consider when finding your first place. This checklist will help you prepare for undertaking a housing hunt. Once you know your answer to each item on this page, you’re ready to begin your search!

  1. Understand the timeline of what’s involved in finding a place to live (scroll down!)
  2. Learn key housing terms  
  3. Decide when you want to move in
  4. Estimate your monthly budget
  5. Determine what type of housing you’re seeking
  6. Figure out if you need a roommate or two
  7. Consider where you want to live and how you’ll get to campus
  8. Secure your guarantor and prepare your financial documents to submit in a rental application

All decisions made? You’re ready to start searching for a place to live!



Download the Determine Your Needs Checklist [PDF]


Timeline of what’s involved in finding a place to live

<h2>Timeline: Find A Place to Live</h2>   <h3>Step 1: Determine your needs</h3> Housing type, neighbourhood, budget, guarantor, roommates   <h3>Step 2: Find roommates</h3> Check out Places4Students’ Roommate Finder    <h3>Step 3: Search for housing</h3> Contact student-housing buildings, work with a realtor, or use Places4Students’ housing listing service   <h3>Step 4: Set up viewings</h3> Contact the landlord/property manager to make an appointment to view the unit  <h3>Step 5: Submit rental application(s)</h3> Formally place an offer to rent the unit by completing the rental application form  <h3>Step 6: Sign a lease</h3> Legally commit in writing to the terms of your rental agreement   <h3>Step 7: Move in!</h3>