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Determine Your Needs

We first recommend watching our Life Off-Campus presentation. This presentation covers essential information about living off-campus, including finding roommates, budgeting, apartment viewing and signing leases. 

Once you have a foundational understanding of moving off-campus, your first step is to understand your needs... What are your must-haves? What are you willing to do without? Consider factors such as: location and proximity to Ryerson campus, cost of rent, distance to public transportation and local amenities such as grocery stores, living with roommates. 

  • Key Terms for Housing: Moving off-campus involves learning a whole new vocabulary! Check out some frequently used terms in housing to better understand the process.
  • Housing Types: Rental units come in many different building types and room numbers; check out this list of the common types available in Toronto. 
When do you want to move in?

Property listings usually appear 1-3 months prior to the lease start date. 

  • May 1st move-in? Start looking in February. 
  • September 1st move-in? Your search should begin in June. 


What's your monthly budget?

Knowing how much you can spend on rent and other living expenses will help determine the housing options that will be affordable for you. 

What type of housing are you looking for?
  • Apartment/condo for rent 
  • Room for rent 
  • House for rent 


Do you need a roommate?

If you find yourself in need of a roomie or two, head over to Places4Students' Roommate Finder to post a profile and connect with others seeking roommates.

Where do you want to live?

Once you know the type of housing and number of roommates you plan on living with, your next step is to decide where in Toronto you want to live. 

How will you get to campus?

  • Living within walking distance of campus is ideal but comes with the highest rent prices. You can save on rent significantly if you live further out of the downtown area. 
  • Biking is an option if you're comfortable, know the laws, and practice safe cycling. 
  • Getting to campus is easy if you live within walking distance of public transportation (subway, streetcar, buses) - just remember to budget for it!