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Information for Prospective Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Faculty does the School of Health Services Management belong to?

A: The School of Health Services Management is part of the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Q: Is the School accredited?

A: The School of Health Services Management is proud to acknowledge its accreditation by The Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

Q: Is the program full-time or part-time or both?

A: The School specializes in part-time degree completion programs. A full time option is NOT offered at this time.

Q: What degree will I graduate with?

A: Both the Health Services Management and Health Information Management programs result in a Bachlor of Health Administration.

Q: How many credits do I have to take to graduate?

A: To fulfill the requirements of the Health Services Management, students take 22 one-semester courses. To fulfill the requirements of the Health Information Management program, students take 24 one-semester courses. Some students in the Heatlh Services Management program may be required to take up to 2 additional liberal studies requirements, to be determined at the time of Admission.

Q: What does "degree completion" mean?

A: Degree completion means that your previous education (diploma or degree) will constitute years 1 and 2 of a four-year Bachelor degree, and your work in the School of Health Services Management will be equal to years 3 and 4 of a four-year Bachelor degree.

Q: Where is the School located?

A: The central location for the program is at Ryerson University and classroom- based courses are offered at the campus in downtown Toronto. Most HSM and HIM program courses are offered in the Ted Rogers School of Management at 55 Dundas Street West.

Q: How are courses taken? Online or in class?

A: Courses are offered in various formats, including classroom-based courses offered in the evenings, modular courses offered on the weekends, and distance learning options.

Q: What is a modular course?

A: A modular format consists of 3 weekends in the semester in which the student attends classes all day Friday and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. The students will attend class a total of 6 full days in the semester.

Q: Can I take my entire degree online?

A: The Health Information Management program is offered online, however, ALL students will be required to attend at least two final Practicum seminars in Toronto, in their final semester of classes.

Q: Can I take the Health Services Management program online?

A: The Health Services Management is NOT guaranteed to be offered in an online format only, however, many courses are offered in an online format. Health Services Management students should expect to take several courses in evening class or in modular format.

Q: I have never worked in healthcare before. Is this degree for me?

A: The Health Services Management and Health Information Management part-time programs are designed for people currently working in applied health or health information management.

Q: I have never worked in the Canadian healthcare system. Is this program for me?

A: At this time, the HSM and HIM programs are for students who have experience working in applied health or health information in the Canadian healthcare systems.

Q: I live in a province other than Ontario. Is this program for me?

A: The Health Information Management program is for students all across Canada and all courses except final Practicum are offered online. The Health Services Management program currently requires some on-site classroom attendance, therefore students must be able to attend courses on campus.

Q: I would like to take the Health Information Management program but I am not CHIMA certified. Can I still be in the program?

A: Students applying to the HIM program must be CHIMA certified by the time they begin the HIM program.

Q: I took a health-related Certificate at the Chang School, but I do not meet the Admissions requirements. Can my Certificate substitute for the Admissions requirements?

A: None of the certificate programs provide entry to the degree programs without having the required academic and work-related Admissions requirements.

Q: Will my diploma from a private college in Canada qualify for admission to the School of Health Services Management?

A: Diplomas awarded from private colleges in Canada do not qualify for admittance to either program. Only diplomas from public CAAT (College of Applied Arts and Technology) in Ontario or the like in other provinces will be considered.

Q: How long will this program take to complete?

A: Most students take approximately 4 years to complete the program, taking an average of 2 courses per semester.

Q: Can I take courses in the summer?

A: Most students take courses throughout the year, in all three semesters; Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer.

Q: Do I have to take a certain number of courses each semester?

A: Students may work through the program at their own pace, however, they must complete the program within 8 years. Most students complete the program in 4 to 5 years.

Q: How much does this program cost?

A: Students pay per course, so tuition is determined by how many courses you take per term. On average, courses are approximately $550 to $600 per course.

Q: Does this program qualify for OSAP?

A: This program may allow for OSAP funding. Part-time or full-time OSAP status is determined by the number of courses taken per semester. More information is available via Student Financial Assistance, at 416-979-5113.

Q: What is Practicum?

A: Practicum is the final capstone course in both the HSM and HIM programs and consists of two courses taken in the final semester of the program. Practicum will include a placement and research project at a real-world healthcare organization, as well as weekend seminars and presentations.

Q: Can I substitute my work-related experience for Practicum?

A: Practicum is a requirement of the program, and all students must complete the Practicum courses (Practicum and Practicum seminar) in their final semester.

Q: I already have a Bachelor's degree from another university. Will any of my courses be eligible for transfer?

A: Students must apply for transfer credit online once they are accepted into the program. Generally speaking, required "core" courses of the HSM and HIM programs will not be eligible for transfer. Elective courses and liberal studies may be more likely to be eligible for transfer.

Q: What kind of job prospects can I expect after completing this program?

A: Our graduates find work as managers in the healthcare industry (ie: hospitals, long term care facilities, community-based agencies, Ministry of Health, paramedic services)

Q: Will this program qualify me for continuing education?

A: Many of our students continue to a Master's Degree level education. Examples of Masters-level studies are health policy, health studies, and MBA studies.


  • If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to School of Health Services Management Program Assistant, Carrie Wiebe, at (416) 979-5000 ext. 6409.


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