Integrated Risk Management

Dial (80) for emergencies from internal phones or call 416-979-5040

Integrated Risk Management

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Harassing Behaviour

Incident Details:

On Sunday 17 November, 2013 Security & Emergency Services were made aware of the following incident:


At approximately 18:52 PM a female student was walking eastbound on Gould Street from the Victoria and Gould Street area. The subject approached her and attempted to engage her by asking for her name and phone number while following her. The student informed the subject she was not interested. The subject continued following the student still attempting to engage her. On reaching Church Street, the subject attempted to put his arm across the student’s back. The student backed away and left the area returning westbound on Gould Street.


An hour later, while the student was shopping by Dalhousie and Gould Street, she saw the same subject with his arm across a woman walking eastbound. The student was concerned and notified Security & Emergency Services.


Security & Emergency Services attended the area and located the subject who was heading West through the ILLC alleyway. Based on the subject’s behavior, the incident’s time and also the subject’s description, Security & Emergency Services believe the subject may be the same person in the “Assault” Security Watch posted on 19 November, 2013.


If you have any information about this incident or have been the victim of a similar incident, please call Security & Emergency Services at 416-979-5040 or via email at For any incidents in progress use the Emergency "80" number from internal phones. Security & Emergency Services offers 24 hour Safe Walk escorts and free self-defense courses; please check our website for more information at  


Support for students impacted by violence is available through Student Development and Counseling (416-979-5195,

Suspect information:


Dark Complexion

6’1”/1m 70cm tall

Thin build

Approximately 20-28 years of age

Black short braided hair

Wearing a blue vest with a white zipper, and a small unknown emblem on the vest’s left side

Blue track pants

Notification Information:

If you are a witness to a crime, please call Ryerson Security at 416-979-5040, or Toronto Police Services through Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS (8477)

For Emergencies dial "80" (internal phones only).
To see all Security Watches, please visit our web site at


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