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Below is a listing of all our forms in alphabetical order. If you require any of the forms below in a format not provided please email for assistance.

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Internal Investigation Report

In the event of

  • a Critical Injury
  • a Critical Event 
  • an Injury requiring health care
  • Lost Time due to Injury 
  • Incident (No Lost Time)
  • Exposure to hazardous materials
  • a Serious Near Miss


Submitted to IRM within 24 hours of event or notification of event



External Report from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB Form 7: Employer's Report of Injury|Disease).

Employers must report a work-related accident to the WSIB if they learn that a worker

  • requires health care and/or
  • is absent from regular work
  • requires modified work at regular pay for more than seven (7) calendar days following the date of accident.

In addition to the Internal Investigation Report

Submitted to HR within 48 hours of event or notification of event.



Barcode Return Form PDF YES  
Chemical Inventory Sheet excel YES  
Construction/Renovation Form pdf YES  
Contingency Planning pdf YES  
Contract Checklist for Risk ManagementPDF Document YES  
Door Schedule Change Request Form YES  
Fire Drills - Evacuation Observation    YES
Fire Safety Checklist PDF file icon YES  
Hazard ReportPDF Document   YES
Industrial Radiography (Concrete X-ray)pdf  - Application to conduct procedure on campus YES  
Individual Laboratory Training Record YES  
Laser Registration pdf (For Class 3b and 4 lasers, see Permits) YES  
Permits (Biological, Radioactive Material, X-ray, Class 3b and 4 Lasers)   YES
Radiation Safety Forms

Research Risk Assessment word YES  
Student Event Risk Assessment (on-line)   YES
Travel Risk Assessment


Waste Pick-up Request (Chemical Waste Disposal Request Form)

Working Alone pdf Word Version word YES  
Working at Heights pdf YES  
Workplace Inspection Sheets


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