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Due Diligence in the Lab


Working in a laboratory inevitably presents some risks (from minor to significant) which can impact the health & safety of those working in the labs, adjacent areas and even the environment and members of the community near the Ryerson campus. The federal, provincial and municipal governments have numerous pieces of legislation to help ensure workers, the public, and the environment are protected.

In addition, many granting agencies will not release funds unless the University has specific programs in place. They will inspect and audit the University to verify compliance with legislation.

By reading a few short documents and filling out some basic information, attending training sessions specific to your areas of work, you help ensure the University fulfills its legal obligations.

Contact Information

Every department is assigned a DSO (Departmental Safety Officer) to help with day-to-day issues at the departmental level. Click here to find your DSOpdf document

You can also contact our department if you have any concerns or questions.

Contact information: Eric Ambroise email: ext 2134


If you are working with BIOLOGICAL AGENTS:

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If you are working with RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS:

Click here to download/print/read:

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If you are working with X-RAYS:

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If you are working with LASERs:

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NOTE: Eye exams are required prior to using Class 3b or 4 lasers at Ryerson. The cost of exams (minus any covered exams through RU Health benefits - Faculty & Staff and Students is reimbursed through the OVPRI (not directly from Tri-Council grants). 
Tools to help ensure your laser area is setup properly

Calculate your MPE, OD, NHZ, NOHD - Easy Haz

Laser barrier information PPT file icon from Rockwell Laser Industries

Laser and Laser Safety Equipment Suppliers:
Kentek Corporation - Laser Safety Products new window
Rockwell Laser Industries
new window
BEAMSTOP'R - Laser impenetrable Custom Drapery Systems
new window
Lasermet Ltd. - Laser Safety Solution
new window
Laser Safety Systems new window
Laser Safety Industries new window
NoIR Laser Shield new window
SPERIAN Eye & Face Protection new window
Laserglow Technologies
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If you are working with CHEMICALS:

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  • Take the WHMIS training
  • Manage your chemical inventory
  • Take the Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Training (arrange through Science and Engineering Safety Advisor: , ext 2134)

There are hundreds of pieces of legislation in the form of Acts, Regulations, By-Laws, Codes and Standards. Ryerson is obligated to meet all of these. However, it would be impossible for everyone at Ryerson to search for all these and find the relevant sections, as well as keep up to date on any changes to the legislation. That's why IRM's Environmental Health and Safety has created Programs, Manuals, Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines covering broad areas of Biosafety, Chemical Safety, Radioactive Material Safety, X-ray Safety, and Laser Safety which can be found in many laboratories.

Our department is the liaison between the University and the Regulators at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels. We are here to help the university go about its business while meeting all legal requirements and without everyone having to individually spend time searching and reading through every piece of legislation that the University must meet.

Contact Us

Security Hours:
24 Hours/7 days a week

Security Location:
111 Bond Street
416-979-5380 Fax

Integrated Risk Management Office Hours:
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Integrated Risk Management Location:
11th Floor, Jorgenson Hall
416-979-5000 ext. 7096

Risk Strategy Office


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