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Biological Safety Program

Biological Safety

The Biological Safety Program outlines the requirements and procedures established by the University for work with potentially hazardous biological agents. It is designed to provide information to safely work with these agents by following standard microbiological protection principles and internal safety protocols.

All work conducted by University members with biological agents on University premises or under the control of the University require a Biosafety Permit. Federal research funding agencies require a Biosafety Permit to be issued by an institution prior to funds being released. The application will assist the researcher or instructor in the development of appropriate containment, safety and emergency procedures.

Administrative and technical support for the biosafety program is provided by the Radiation/Chemical/Biosafety Officer from the Integrated Risk Management department.


Biological Safety contact:
Tanya Neretljak
Manager, EHS, Biological, Chemical and Radiological Risk
Phone: 416-979-5000 x 554212
Office: 415 Yonge Street, 18th Floor, Room 1802

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