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Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC)

FAST FACT - Introduction to the Joint Health & Safety Committee



Overview of the JHSC


The Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) requires every employer to establish and maintain a joint health and safety committee in the workplace, which is defined as "any land, premises, location or thing at, upon, in or near which a worker works".

The OHSA is the major vehicle by which workers participate in decisions affecting their health and safety. The OHSA prescribes the composition of these committees, the methods by which members are selected, and their rights and duties.

The committees are ADVISORY and have the following functions and powers:

  • identify situations which may be a source of danger or hazard to workers

  • make recommendations on establishment, maintenance and monitoring of programs, measures and procedures respecting health and safety of workers

  • make recommendations to improve the health and safety of workers,

  • investigate work refusals and serious accidents,

  • obtain information from the employer regarding potential or existing hazards, and

  • inspect the physical condition of the workplace

Management is obligated to establish joint committees, to support their operation, to provide time for workers to perform their committee functions, and to respond to recommendations of these committees.

In addition, management must ensure that at least two members of each committee one representing management and one representing the workers receives additional health and safety training and is "certified" in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


Certification of Committee Members:


The committee is required to have at least one certified worker and one certified employer representative. However, we encourage everyone on the committee to become certified. Please contact IRM to find out what the process is to become certified. 


Welcome to Ryerson's Joint Health & Safety Committee!

1.    Review the Terms of Reference Documentpdf document

2.    Review the following Ministry of Labour Document:

A Guide for Joint Health & Safety Committees and Representatives in the Workplace

3.    Complete the following Quizzes:

Environmental Health & Safety Orientation

Orientation to the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Violence & Harassment Prevention in the Workplace - eLearning

4.    Review the following Webinars 

Roles and Responsibilities under the OHS Act

Reporting Requirements Under the OHS Act

Indoor Air Quality

5.    Review the following Resources

Asbestos in the Education Sector



Management Representatives

  Group Name Room  Ext
Tom McDonald PRO-201
Carey Barker YDI-1628


Worker Representatives

  Group Name Room Ext
1 RFA Dr. Habiba Bougherara
EPH-312-C 7092
2 OPSEU Ankita Arora TRS-1004 2420
3 CUPE 233 Svilen Stoyanov LIB-B-112A
4 CUPE 3904, Unit 1 TRS-2-107
5 CUPE 3904, Unit 2 Amir Kiumarsi POD-156-B 5159
6 CUPE 3904, Unit 3 Muhammad Yousaf KHE 211



The JHSC meets every six weeks (excluding July and August).
If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact one of the co-chairs below:

Tom McDonald    ext 2027    (Management co-chair)
Gerald Swartz     ext 5159    (Worker co-chair)


Minutes from JHSC Meetings
2017 Jan 25Icon pdf Mar 08Icon pdf April 19Icon pdf        
2016 Jan 20 pdf document Mar 02PDF Apr 13 Oct 19      
2015 Jan 14PDF Document Feb 11PDF Document Apr 8pdf icon Jun 10 Oct 14PDF Dec 9 PDF  
2014 Mar 5 pdf document Apr 16 pdf document Jun 11 pdf document Oct 1 pdf document  
2013 Feb 6 pdf document Mar 20 pdf May 1 pdf Jun 12 pdf Sep 11pdf Oct 23 pdf Dec 4pdf

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