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Risk Assessment and Management

Planning And Preparedness

Identifying the hazards associated with any program, activity, acquisitions, event, or project in the planning process enables informed decision making respecting relevant control measures, contingencies and essential resources and infrastructure.

Risk assessments are required by University policy with guidance on the related processes outlined in performance guidelines. These include:

  • Safety and Liability for Field Research (Senate Policy)
  • Due Diligence Practices for Off Campus Activity
  • Risk Management for Events Planned and Run By Students

WHO fills out the Risk Assessment form?

Any person or group who is initiating, organizing and/or coordinating the particular activity.

Events Risk Assessments

Please complete the Employee/Staff Led Events risk assessment only if:

  • Your event is affiliated with Ryerson University (both on and off campus events)
  • Your event is being organized by staff or employees only
  • Student led events must complete the risk assessment available here

Travel Risk Assessments

Travel Risk Assessment

As part of Ryerson's commitment to our travelers, the University has invested in global medical and security assistance through International SOS.  This program is designed to keep our students, faculty, and staff healthy, safe and secure while they are traveling or living abroad.  Please access the services and online resources here.  You must register for your international through Ryerson International before departure.  Further inquires may be directed to David J. Begg, Coordinator, International Engagement, Ryerson International.

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