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First Aid/CPR

This course is now offered through MAC and is availabe to all Community members and their families.

All certifications are issued by the Canadian Red Cross and are valid for 3 years.  In addition to the 2-day certification course, there is now an online learning option where half of the course is completed online and half is completed in class.

Recommended Participants:

  • First Aiders (FA)
  • Departmental Safety Officers (DSO)
  • Fire Wardens (FW)
  • Backup Persons
  • Anyone interested in getting certified in First Aid

To Register:

Visit the RAC website for course dates

1) Pick one of the course dates listed

2) Call the MAC admin. desk at 416-979-5339 with the course date you are interested in

3) Pay over the phone to secure your spot

Description: Standard First Aid & CPR level C with AED:

This course is for individuals who are NOT healthcare providers such as nurses and midwives and who want CPR training as well as First Aid Training.  This course is a two-day, 16 hour course.  Certification is issued by the Canadian Red Cross SFA-CPR-C and is valid for 3 years.  This course includes 1) CPR topics:  CPR and Choking treatment for all ages (adults, children and babies), use of an AED, heart attack, stroke, deadly bleeding, etc.  2) Standard first aid topics: wound care, diabetic emergencies, seizures, heat stroke, hypothermia, sprains, strains, dislocations, fractures, poisons etc.


Standard First Aid and CPR Level C with AED - BLENDED COURSE

This one day course results in a Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR-C certification. The course consists of a combination of online learning modules and hands on in-class training.

The online portion consists of 7.5 hours of training that can be completed all at once or in portions, at the participants convenience, and the in-class portion requiring 8 hours.

Please note:  online portion must be completed BEFORE attending the in-class portion of the course.

Topics include instruction on how to handle life threatening emergencies, how to perform two-rescurer and child/infant CPR and proper administration of a wide range of important first aid skills and techniques.  Participants will also be instructed on proper use of an automated extrenal defibrillator (AED).

Certification is valid for three years.


Standard First Aid & CPR Level C with AED (RECERTICATION)

This course is for individuals who are NOT healthcare providers such as nurses and midwives and have a current Red Cross SFA-CPR-C certification.  This course is a one-day, 8 hour course.  Certification is a Canadian Red Cross SFA-CPR-C, valid for three years.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please ensure that you meet all of the recertification prerequisites:  You must present your current SFA-CPR-C certification card on the day of training.  Your card must be issued by the Canadian Red Cross.  Your card must be current and cannot be expired.  Your current certification cannot say "Recertified".  Topics include:  all the topics included in a Standard First Aid and CPR Level C.



CPR-HCP  CPR Healthcare Provider

Canadian Red Cross Society.  This is a one day, 6 hour course.  CPR and AED treatment for all agers (adults, children and babies) topics specific for healthcare providers such as nurses.  Certification valid for 3 years.

Please visit RAC's website for further information.


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