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Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Orientation

Duration: Online Quiz

Please Note: To access many of Ryerson's online resources, you must first activate your Ryerson online identity by completing a series of web forms available via Ryerson Accounts.

Recommended & Mandatory Participants:

Although we recommend that EVERYONE review and take the WHMIS quiz, there are those that must.


  • You WORK with, or are in CLOSE proximity to hazardous products
  • You USE, HANDLE, STORE or DISPOSE of the hazardous material
  • You SUPERVISE the performance of the above duties
  • You are a staff/faculty member of the following Departments/Schools:
    • Campus Planning & Facilities (most, please inquire)
    • Security (all)
    • Computing & Communication Services (some, please inquire)
    • Ancillary Services (most, please inquire)
    • Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science (most, please inquire)
    • Faculty of Communication & Design (some, please inquire)
    • Faculty of Community Services (some, please inquire)
  • AND/OR those individuals that could be exposed to hazardous material during an emergency situation such as a spill or accidental release of the material

This quiz is meant to test your GENERAL KNOWLEDGE of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System ONLY.

SPECIFIC TRAINING on the hazardous materials MUST BE PROVIDED BY YOUR SUPERVISOR or their designate.

Your Supervisor Will be Required to Cover the Following Information With You:

  • Procedures for the safe use, storage, handling and disposal of controlled products and for such products contained or transferred in piping systems, a process vessel, a reaction vessel and a tank car, tank truck, ore car, conveyer belt or similar conveyance;
  • Procedures to be followed in case of an emergency involving a Controlled Product;
  • Any hazard information about the controlled products the supervisor (or their designate) is aware or ought to be aware....This means that the supervisor (or their designate) may need to search for more information than is available on the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Please Review Before Starting the Quiz

  • Reference Materials
  • What YOU must Know and Understand
  • Passing Score
  • Time Limit
  • Attempts
  • Certificate
  • Password
  • Record

Reference Materials

NEW Orientation to WHMIS 2015 (incorporation of GHS)

Quick Reference Materials From the Ministry of Labour (MOL)

What YOU must Know and Understand

  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • WHMIS symbols and their meaning
  • Information provided on supplier labels and workplace labels
  • Information provided on Material Safety Data Sheets (eg. hazards and preventive measures)
  • Basic measures to protect yourself when working with hazardous materials
  • Finding additional information on hazardous materials

Passing Score

  • You must obtain 80% on the quiz in order to receive your certificate

Time Limit

  • You have 90 minutes to submit your answers
  • You may submit your answers anytime during that 90 minutes
  • Your results will be automatically submitted after 90 minutes


  • You may make multiple attempts to complete your quiz
  • Only COMPLETED quiz results will be kept as a record


  • You can print your certificate upon completion -- if the printing feature fails, then please request a certificate by sending an email to
  • Your certificate is valid for 2 years


  • No password is required if you have a Ryerson account
  • To access many of Ryerson's online resources, you must first activate your Ryerson online identity by completing a series of web forms available via

Guests/Visitors -- A staff or faculty member must fill out a form on your behalf.

Steps to be done by the Ryerson Sponsor (Supervisor):

  1. Log in to: (Ryerson's portal system)
  2. Find the box titled: "Manage My Online Resources"
  3. Click on: "Manage My Online Resources:  Self-serve password change and resource requests".
  4. Click on: "Guest User ID Request Form"
  5. Fill in the required information on the Guest, the Sponsor/contact and the Dean, Chair or Director (Approver).
  6. Submit the information


  • Integrated Risk Management maintains a record of results for 3 years
  • Keep your email notification of passing -- this is your record

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