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Organizations of all types and sizes rely on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to remain competitive. Due to the importance and ubiquity of ICT, it has become essential for business leaders to be able to manage their ICT resources and infrastructure. Graduates of our programs bridge the gap between business and information technologies; help solve business problems and develop business strategies; and improve organizational processes and performance by using state-of-the-art technology and methodologies.

The Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management offers multiple programs and certificate options:

  • Business Technology Management (BTM) Undergraduate Program
  • Co-operative education option for BTM Program
  • eBusiness & Information Technology Management Minors
  • Certificate Programs
  • Graduate Programs

About the Business Technology Management Program

The mission of the Business Technology Management (BTM) program is to form professionals with the analytical and problem solving capacities to develop business solutions that leverage Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In particular, the program focuses on the body of knowledge and know-how relevant to “ICT-Enabled Business Analysis and Improvement of Organizational Processes and Performance”.

The BTM program has a significant structural flexibility that enables students to choose, according to their interests and motivations, their career trajectories. This not only connects future BTM graduates with the multiple ways ICT is enabling business processes, but also makes it possible for them to pursue a variety of careers in business and management. Our graduates help drive business strategies using ICT solutions, making ITM a leading contributor to Canada’s ICT economy.

Professional Careers

Given the ubiquity of ICT in all aspects of human activity, graduates of the BTM program are employable in virtually every conceivable industry sector, including : Banking, Healthcare, Transportation, Government, Retail, Commerce, Manufacturing, Education, Art, etc. The list of professional careers available to BTM graduates includes, but not limited to:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Business Technology Analyst
  • System Integration Manager
  • Business Requirements Analyst
  • HR Information Solutions Analyst
  • IT Business Solutions Consultant
  • IT Infrastructure Planner
  • Social Media Analyst