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Current Students

Understanding Your Academic Standing

In undergraduate degree and diploma programs, each student's academic standing will be established from the student's formal course grades at the end of each academic term. Below is specific school related information that you need to know.

Information for Probationary Students

If you have been assigned a Probationary Academic Standing at the end of the academic term visit the links below for answers to your questions about what it means to be on academic probation. 


Full-Time Degree Students


Part-Time Degree Students

Information for Students who are Required to Withdraw

If you are Required to Withdraw (RTW) from the program you may not formally return to the program (or transfer to another Ryerson undergraduate program) until 12 months have elapsed. If you have been Required to Withdraw (RTW), you may choose to participate in the Fresh Start program for reinstatement to your current program, or transfer to another program (where permitted). Visit the links below for more information.

Information for Fresh Start Students

If you have been approved for the Fresh Start Program (Extended Academic Probation), the presentation slides below are for your review.


Information for Students who have been Reinstated (Qualifying Probation)

If you have been reinstated into the program, the presentation slides below are for your review.

Student Resources

Ryerson University is committed to students and is proud to offer programs and resources designed to promote and support their academic, career and life success.

Academic Success Centre (ASC)

Your Success is our Business!

The Academic Success Centre supports all students by providing: one on one learning strategy appointments with peers or full-time staff, offers free tutoring and study groups, and connects students to resources that can help them address any barriers they may encounter during their time at TRSM.


Take advantage of these wide range of FREE services that will help you succeed in the program!

Academic Consideration Requests

The School of Information Technology Management is committed to promoting academic success and to ensuring that your academic records ultimately reflect your academic abilities and accomplishments.


Steps to follow for health certificates and other academic consideration requests:


If you are a Business Technology Management Degree student, and need to submit the forms listed above, please do the following:

  • Have the physician complete the Health Certificate
  • Fill out the Academic Consideration form entirely
  • Submit the ORIGINAL documents in person at TRS 2-004. If the office is closed, you may place COMPLETED documents in the dropbox, located just beside TRS 1-002.


Academic Appeals

At the end of a semester you may decide to file an ACADEMIC APPEAL of a final course grade or academic standing if you believe you were not given academic consideration during the term or something was handled incorrectly at the end of the term.  The formal appeal process is set out in Senate Policy 134 for undergraduate students and Senate Policy 152 for graduate students. You must meet the deadlines for filing an appeal, as outlined in the Ryerson Course Calendars.

For detailed instructions and explanations visit the Standings and Grade Appeals page.

For advice on your appeal, please contact the following:

Save the dates.....

"Stay in the know" about when the university is closed, admission deadlines, transfer credit deadlines, refund schedules and more. 

Check out the significant dates calendar.