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Capstone Project

ITM 90A/B Capstone Project

This is a full year project whose scope is the IS function of integrating business processes, functions, and technologies, as part of an enterprise solution. The focus is on the creation of functions, technologies and business processes, as part of an enterprise solution. Value creation through the integrated production and distribution of products, services, and information will be emphasized.

Throughout this project, students will learn to apply models and frameworks, to analyze and integrate business functions, processes, and technologies and communicate solutions concisely. Students will also learn to apply business strategic management capabilities to qualify the models and frameworks being used to integrate the business functions. The project will involve a real-life client organization.

90A is process analysis and redesign. 90B is system analysis, feasibility studies and implementation plan.

Eligibility Criteria

4 Year Program & Co-op Students

Successful completion of ALL REQUIRED courses in the first three years of the program  and a minimum of 25 completed credits. It is strongly recommend that Professional Electives from Table I in Semester 5 & 6 are complete to meet minimum requirements.

2 Year Public Ontario College Diploma Students

Successful completion of ALL 10 courses in the 1st and 2nd semester of the curriculum.

Direct Entry Students

Successful completion of ALL Reachback courses listed on your Offer of Admission in addition to ALL Required (Professional/Professionally-Related) courses in the 5th and 6th semester.

Please Note

  • Since some of the required courses are not offered every semester, it is each student's individual responsibility to manage their course planning to ensure all prerequisites are met.
  • Students should consult their Academic Advisement Report to view their degree requirements.


Fall 2017 Students

There will be mandatory workshops for students who will take the capstone project course in Fall 2017. Workshops will cover information on client relationship management (CRM) and consulting. Please view registration links below. 


1. You need to register to one CRM and one consulting workshop.

2. Attendance will be taken.

3. For those who have formed a group, you could send only two or three members representing your group to attend the workshops. If that is the case, please email


May 3

  • BTM Capstone CRM Workshop #1 - May 3 - Cancelled
  • BTM Capstone Consulting Workshop #1 - May 3 - Cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances, both scheduled workshops for May 3 have been cancelled. Both workshops have been rescheduled to May 17, see below. We apologize for the inconvenience.    


May 6


May 10


May 13

May 17

Why become a client?

  • Have our students solve a pressing problem in your organization at no cost
  • Gain different perspectives from young minds
  • Support and inspire a new generation of IT professionals
  • Support the Ryerson community and join its network of sponsors
  • Test-run talents for eight-months before hiring them


  • Your company must be headquartered in Canada
  • Have at least 30 employees (including full-time, part-time or volunteer staff) OR have a comprehensive project in mind!
  • Be open to using information technology to improve your operations

What we expect from clients

  • Have an active interest in the project
  • Willing to commit and work with students over two terms (eight months)
  • Must be willing to share some confidential information about your company.
  • Note: All students/group members will sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the privacy of your organization.


Over the last 10 years, more than 400 organizations from major public corporations to owner-managed businesses, from large not-for-profits to small volunteer-driven charities, have worked with BTM student groups. 

Many clients use the students’ work as a form of pilot before starting their own project. Others proceed to implement the students’ recommendations. At minimum, some are just happy to have provided an opportunity for students to carry out a worthwhile project.

If interested, please send us an email at stating your interest in becoming a Capstone Client, along with a brief background of your company!

Are you a professional who is interested in joining the judging panel of Capstone presentations?

What we're looking for

  • Industry professional's with managerial experience in IT or related fields
  • Your insightful knowledge and critical feedback of presentations
  • Availability to attend BOTH presentation dates per class section or group

Why become a Panel Judge?

  • Meet new generation of BTM professionals
  • Evaluate students’ Capstone presentations
  • Share your expertise and inspire young minds
  • Advocate and promote your organization
  • Become a part of a network of Ryerson mentors
  • Be recognized by the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management

2017 Judging Sessions 

Eligible panel judges will have the opportunity to select available time slots that fit their schedule. In order to ensure presentations are judged fairly, you must be able to attend both presentation sessions per class section and stay for the entire duration. Once approved, we will email you confirmation details.  

Class Section A
Presentation Sessons
Class Section B
Presentation Sessions
Class Section C
Presentation Sessions

Tuesday, April 4
2PM to 6PM

Tuesday, April 4
2PM to 6PM
Tuesday, April 4
6:30PM to 9:30PM
Tuesday, April 11
2PM to 6PM
Tuesday, April 11
2PM to 6PM
Tuesday, April 11
6:30PM to 9:30PM


"It is truly a gift to have such a capable and passionate team step up to take on such an important initiative in support of a small, grassroots nonprofit organization like us. This was much more than a graduating year project. What you have produced and achieved will make a significant difference to the amount of funds that we are able to raise, our reach in the community, and most importantly the number of children with congenital heart disease that we are able to send to summer camp."

"The student team demonstrated great initiative and energy from the initial approach right through to delivery of the final report. The team’s deliverables were consistently of high quality and their communications with the various departments were thoughtful, well-planned, and professional at all times. The final solution shows a payback period within 15 months of use, and an even higher rate of return if we can invest the savings as planned. This project is an example of the high quality work that these students can deliver; it’s also a good example of the benefits that can be achieved through University/Business partnerships."