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Course of Studies for 2017-2018 Academic Year

Course Code Course Title & (PDF) Outline Course Coordinator
ITM 100 Foundations of Information Systems Dr. Ozgur Turetken
ITM 102 Business Information Systems I Professor Robert Hudyma
ITM 107 Managerial Decision Making Dr. Aziz Guergachi
ITM 200 Fundamentals of Programming Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 207 Computer-Enabled Problem Solving Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 301 IT Infrastructure Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 305 Systems Analysis & Design Professor Ray Moss
ITM 315 Server Administration Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 330 Supply Chain Process Architecture Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 350 Concepts of e-Business Dr. Franklyn Prescod
ITM 360 Establishing an eBusiness Operation Dr. Franklyn Prescod
ITM 410 Business Process Design Dr. Margaret Plaza
ITM 430 System Design and Implementation Dr. Aziz Guergachi
ITM 445 Multimedia in Business Dr. Deborah Fels
ITM 500 Data and Information Management Professor Ray Moss
ITM 501 Decision Analysis Dr. Ozgur Turetken
ITM 513 Advanced Infrastructure Deployment and Management Professor Robert Hudyma
ITM 595 Auditing of Information Systems Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 600 Data Communications Network Design Dr. Franklyn Prescod
ITM 601 Advanced Business Process Methods Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 605 Client Server Applications Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 610 Database Administration Professor Ray Moss
ITM 617 Physical Dbase Design and Implementation Professor Ray Moss
ITM 618 Business Intelligence and Analytics Dr. Ozgur Turetken
ITM 696 Accounting Information Systems Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 704 Mobile Application Development Dr. Nurul Huda
ITM 706 Enterprise Architecture Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 707 Strategy, Management and Acquisition Dr. Sameh Al Natour
ITM 711 Cloud Computing Dr. Nurul Huda
ITM 733 Research in I.T. - Independent Study Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 735 ICT and Diversity Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 750 IS Project Management Dr. Jim Tam
ITM 780 Web Design and Management
Dr. Deborah Fels
ITM 820 Information Systems Security and Privacy Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 90A/B Graduation Project A/B Dr. Linying Dong

Appendix to the Course of Studies

Courses of Studies from previous years can be obtained by contacting the department.


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