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Course of Studies for 2016-2017 Academic Year

Course Code & Course Title Course Coordinator
ITM 100: Foundations of Information Systems Professor Robert Hudyma
ITM 102: Business Information Systems I Dr. Ozgur Turetken
ITM 107: Managerial Decision Making Dr. Aziz Guergachi
ITM 200: Fundamentals of Programming Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 207: Computer-Enabled Problem Solving Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 301: IT Infrastructure Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 305: Systems Analysis & Design Dr. Linying Dong
ITM 315: Network Administration Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 330: Supply Chain Process Architecture Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 350: Concepts of e-Business Dr. Franklyn Prescod
ITM 360: Establishing an eBusiness Operation Dr. Franklyn Prescod
ITM 410: Business Process Design Dr. Margaret Plaza
ITM  430: System Design and Implementation Dr. Aziz Guergachi
ITM 500: Data and Information Management Professor Ray Moss
ITM 501: Decision Analysis Dr. Ozgur Turetken
ITM 505: Managing Information Systems Dr. Ozgur Turetken
ITM 513: Advanced Infrastructure Deployment and Management Professor Robert Hudyma
ITM 595: Auditing of Information Systems Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 600: Data Communications Network Design Dr. Franklyn Prescod
ITM 601: Advanced Business Process Methods Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 605: Client Server Applications Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 610: Database Administration Professor Ray Moss
ITM 617: Physical Dbase Design and Implementation Professor Ray Moss
ITM 618: Business Intelligence and Analytics Dr. Ozgur Turetken
ITM 696: Accounting Information Systems Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 700: Information Technology and Strategic Management Dr. Sameh Al Natour
ITM 703: Current Issues in Information Systems Management (Cloud Computing) Dr. Nurul Huda
ITM 706: Enterprise Architecture Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 707: Strategy, Management and Acquisition Dr. Sameh Al Natour
ITM 733: Research in I.T. - Independent Study Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 735: ICT & Diversity Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 750: IS Project Management Dr. Jim Tam
ITM 780: Web Design and Management
Dr. Nurul Huda
ITM 800: Applied Feasibility Analysis Dr. Sameh Al Natour
ITM 805: Special Topics in IT Infrastructure (Mobile App Development)
Dr. Nurul Huda
ITM 820: Information Systems Security and Privacy Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 90A/B: Graduation Project A/B Dr. Linying Dong

Appendix to the Course of Studies

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Course Information Pages

ITM 90A - Graduation Project

ITM 700 - Information Technology & Strategic Management