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Future Students

Business Technology Management (BTM)

Regular and Co-operative Programs 

The mission of the Business Technology Management (BTM) program is to develop professionals with the understanding of the basics of business, management, and information technology, and the ability to apply this understanding for “IT-Enabled Business Analysis and Improvement of Organizational Processes and Performance”.  The BTM program has a significant structural flexibility (38% elective courses) that enables students to choose, according to their interests and motivations, their career trajectories. This not only connects future graduates with the multiple ways IT is enabling business processes, but also makes it possible for them to pursue a variety of careers in business and management.

  • 4 year degree program (Full-Time & Part-Time)
  • 5 year degree co-op option (Full-Time only)


2-Year Program for Public Ontario College Diploma Graduates

The Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management will accept graduates of approved three-year Business Administration Advanced Diploma programs from a public Ontario College. Students may complete the degree by completing twenty (20) single-term courses.


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Minor is an opportunity for a student to explore a secondary area of undergraduate study either for personal interest beyond a student’s degree program, or as an area of specific expertise related to the student’s degree program that will serve the student’s career choice. 

The Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management is pleased to offer the following minors:

BTMAC Accreditation Program logo

BTMAC Accredited Program

The Business Technology Management (BTM) and Business Technology Management Co-op programs have been fully accredited by the BTM Forum (BTMF), Information and Technology Association of Canada (ITAC).

Graduate Studies

The learning doesn't have to end after completing your undergraduate degree. Enhance your Bachelor of Commerce degree by completing a Master's program in any of the following areas through the Ted Rogers School of Management:


Thinking of expanding your knowledge outside of the business industry?

Already have a Master's degree and want to pursue a PhD?

Ryerson University offers Master's Degrees, PhD degrees and Profesessional Master's Diplomas in various areas through the Yeates School of Graduate Studies.

Certificate Programs

Not sure if the Business Technology Management (BTM) degree program is for you? Just want to enhance your academic career with courses in IT? Interested in making a career change to the IT sector?

The Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management offers the following certificates through The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education:


*All certificate courses are the equivalents of degree credit courses currently offered by theTed Rogers School of Information Technology Management; however, please note that upon successful admission to the program, courses will be assessed for currency and transferability on a course-by-course basis.