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Mayoral Candidates Rob Ford, David Soknacki, Karen Stintz and John Tory Debating Key Issues in Toronto
From Left: Ralph Lean, Mayor Rob Ford, David Soknacki, Karen Stintz and John Tory. Photo by Sam Yohannes for the Eyeopener

Law, Business, Politics - The Real World

Ryerson's Distinguished Counsel in Residence, Ralph Lean, hosted the Mayoral Debate held on Thursday March 27th at Ryerson University with Mayor Rob Ford, David Soknacki, Karen Stintz, and John Tory - Please visit the Ryecast link provided below to tune in to the debate with the Mayoral Candidates:








Roundtable of Diversity Assocations (RODA)
From left: Vince Pileggi, Canadian Italian Advocates Organization; Raj Sharda, Canadian Association of South Asian Lawyers; John J. S. Park, Korean Canadian Lawyers Association; Michael Tulloch; Dania Majid, Arab Canadian Lawyers Association; Marcela Saitua, Hispanic Organization of Lawyers/Avocats; Nikiforos Iatrou, Hellenic Canadian Lawyers’ Association; Chris Bentley; Miriam Young, Toronto Lawyers Association; Julia Shin Doi, Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers and Lai-King Hum, Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers. Not pictured: Jayashree Goswami, South Asian Bar Association and Arleen Huggins, Canadian Association of Black Lawyers. Photo by Yvonne Bambrick for Precedent Magazine.

Roundtable of Diversity Associations (RODA)

A reception sponsored by our Law Research Centre and the Diversity Institute celebrated the achievement of the Roundtable of Diversity Associations (RODA). Julie Shin Doi, General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Governors, along with President of the Toronto Lawyers' Association, Miriam Young, led the initiative to establish RODA -an association which will make its mark in advancing diversity by representing thousands of lawyers from a variety of legal organizations.

RODA focuses on equality and inclusion in the legal profession in Canada, creating a platform for organizations to come together and discuss the advancement of diversity. 



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